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Friday, June 13, 2014

Inspiring Style: Father's Day Gift Guide

Around this time of year, you're up to your eyeballs with Father's Day Gift Guide posts. But in all my years of blogging, I've never done one before. So I wanted this one to be pretty special. This is a gift guide featuring items that my father--who died 12 years ago--would truly love. Maybe you'll find something fun for your dad too!
| Domino Set - because he never played cards, but he could school you with a double blank | Left-Handed Mug - instead of coffee, this mug would be filled with tea. He was a lefty so it made sense that I married a lefty too |
| Lefty Smudge Guard - have you ever seen a left-handed person write cursive? Yes, cursive. It's either really awesome or really bad. My dad had the best cursive handwriting in existence. With this, he could write letters (yes, actual letters) without worrying about the lefty smudge | Bible iPad Cover - so iPads weren't even around when my dad was alive, but I'm sure he'd appreciate reading the Bible on the iPad, especially with a cover like this |

| Jamaican Support - being from Jamaica, I think my dad would have loved seeing Kingston-born Tessanne Chin win The Voice this year | VoiceJam App - Papa was a rolling stone. Well, really he was a guy who sang in the choir as a hobby. I think he'd like this app, which allows him to sing into a phone and instantly record his voice. I think I want this app too! |

And if you're local to the Bay Area (San Francisco, Palo Alto, East Bay, etc) and looking for a great Father's Day gift, then take advantage of this yummy offer from BloomThat and Bacon Bacon. We always get the best stuff first! The BloomThat Bacon Day promotion goes until June 15 where you can order 5 slices of bacon with the 6th slice covered in chocolate! I got this (and a bouquet) for the hubs and he loved it (who doesn't love bacon?).

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