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Friday, June 27, 2014

Photojojo Smart Phone Lens Review

If you recall, back in my What I'm Loving in May post I mentioned a site called Photojojo. It's just a great site for all things photo, from a portable photo studio to a tripod mount for your phone. Honestly, they have so many awesome products on their site that it would take me a month of blogging to get through everything I liked. So let's just start with the items that were sent to me that I'm most excited about using right now: the lens set! These pro-quality Photojojo lenses can be used on either Android or iPhones so you're good to go.
Wide Angle/Macro Lens: The wide angle lens packs in more scenery in one shot. Then simply unscrew the top of that lens to reveal the macro lens beneath. A macro lens shows you up close, detailed images. It is--by far--my favorite lens in the set. It takes the most incredible images of the tiniest things. I used it on this too!
Telephoto Lens: A telephoto lens lets you capture images at a distance while still maintaining a crisp, sharp photo. This is the perfect lens attachment if you have nosebleed seats at a concert or event. You don't have to worry about zooming in and getting grainy images any longer.
Fisheye Lens: So a fisheye lens is a lot like a wide angle lens, except it provides panoramic distortion. It's that Missy Elliot video for The Rain with a 180-degree distorted image. Not for all images, but supa dupa cool.
I would also recommend that you try the polarizer or super fisheye lenses. So what do you think of these lenses from Photojojo? Just another fun excuse to take better photos with your phone this summer!

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  1. These are super cool :) I hope you have a great weekend doll x

  2. need to bookmark this, love the idea of lenses for my phone.

  3. Very cool. I haven't tried these types of mobile lenses yet, but I like the concept options. I uesd to love fisheye lenses. Thanks for sharing. :)
    Pastel Splendour

  4. I think these are cool! They will definitely UP ones photography game.

  5. These lenses are pretty amazing. When I get a better camera, I need to definitely invest in some of these.


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