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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Inspiring Style: Budget Beautiful & Bye Bye Birkenstocks

This might sound weird, but I really hate shopping. I hate walking into a mall or department store (or boutique, even) and browsing endless racks of fabric. I loathe trying to find my size and putting things on in a dressing room with dressing room lighting. This is why I prefer to shop online so I don't have to deal with the hassle.

So I thought, what's even easier than shopping online? Having someone else shop online for you! These are pieces I think you will love to add to your wardrobe. And the kicker? Every piece looks more expensive than it actually is as all items are under $80--no bank breaking here. Because guess what? I also hate spending money on clothes!

Collective Concepts shirt dress ~ Pockets and a drop hemline that you can wear alone or with some tights. The shirt dress is a must have because it covers all the basics while still looking chic. On sale for $80!

Waverly Grey Akira zip pocket moto vest ~  An easy go-to piece that you can transition from summer to fall is anything that you can slip over your shoulders and add to your look like a vest or cape. On sale for $69!

Faux Leather crossbody satchel ~ Trapeze style bags are here to stay and for good reason. Get one in red because it's a great color to take into fall. This is modern, sophisticated and inexpensive. Get it for $25!

Red Carpet ivory grid top ~ Caged, grid and sheer are three words that will truly streamline your wardrobe this year, and this piece has all the fixins. Try the matching skirt for a two-piece everyone loves. Get it for $55!

Color Block sandals ~ If you want to try the Birkenstock trend but can't stand the look of them (like me), then get one of these instead. Two-toned, simple and comfy. Forget the Birkenstocks and get these for $70 or $17!

Ripped Knee skinny jeans ~ Ripped jeans aren't anything new, but they're also not going anywhere any time soon. White skinny jeans with rips at the knees are a staple even after Labor Day. How chic? Get these for $40-$50!

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  1. The vest is awesome, love that!! I hate shopping as well, I prefer online shopping. As soon as I step into a store, I feel irritated, ha!! x

  2. Always love ripped skinny jeans, the vest and black bag also look great.


  3. Can you say it again, no more birkenstocks. Great picks!


  4. I love that moto vest soooooo hard. One of the things I look forward to in the fall is being able to wear this type of things, although I'm still loving hot weather:D

  5. I much prefer shopping online to shopping in stores, and I try to avoid the dressing room as much as possible :)

  6. I MUST HAVE RIPPED KNEE JEANS!!! I am loving all of your picks lady!

    Eleventh & Sixteenth

  7. I was so shocked to see that you hate shopping while thinking at the same time "Ahhh! She's making me want to shop!" lol

  8. Love the bags! I like online shopping as well, it is so more relaxing!

  9. I'm of the school of thought that a girl can never own too many pairs of jeans- and love me some ripped skinnies! :)


  10. I prefer shopping online as well. Those sandals are cute.

  11. Great the moto vest! Thanks for sharing with the Thursday Blog Hop!

  12. I cannot get enough of knee ripped jeans and I love the items on this post. I didn't jump on the bikenstocks bandwagon. I secretly would like to wear them but hmm I m not sure about the whole style!

  13. Fabulous finds! LOVE that jacket!
    Have a great weekend! xo~Sherry

  14. I love these ripped at the knee jeans. I'm finding myself kind of moving away from skinny jeans lately, though. I REALLY miss bell bottoms like it's nobody's business.

    Hope all is well! xo

  15. All of these pieces are cute, but my favorites are the ivory top and ripped skinny jeans. Great prices!

  16. I love the denim options, i am going to check them out for fall!



  17. I can't believe you hate going shopping. It's so therapeutic, roaming around your favorite store, trying on different looks, listening to some good music (not all stores provide this, of course). I really like those sandals for $17. Thanks for sharing.


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