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Friday, August 22, 2014

What I'm Loving in August 2014

For some reason, I just can't get enough of this brand. JOA first caught my eye back at WWDMAGIC in February and I'm still loving them. Each piece is like modern, girly casual. I picked these four pieces to showcase because I'm still diggin' full skirts and organza, but honestly, there are so many great options on the site.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. I don't know why I watch cooking shows since I don't cook. But I am so into MasterChef. I thought my summer reality show of choice was going to be SYTYCD (it usually is), but everyone on MC is killing it right now. Do you watch? It's like I'm living vicariously through them...while salivating.

Do you ever have a moment in your head where you see a friend wearing something you love and all you want to do is snatch it off them, wear it and walk away with a smile on your face? No? Yeah, you have. This is how I feel about unique, fun bangles and bracelets. Bracelets are usually the one piece of jewelry that I forget to put on, but I'm definitely making an exception this month for fashion bangles. And you should too--because I say so!

Raise your hand if you're an avid shower singer? Me too! But I can't be a normal person and keep it in the shower. I have to be a pain and sing in the living room, the car, the gym (at times, until I realize I'm doing it), and even at karaoke now. And I'm not talking about getting up on a stage and embarrassing yourself while your friends drink beer. I'm talking about those specialty places that have karaoke rooms that you can rent. Yes, when you first walk into one of these places it seems quite sleazy and you're hoping it isn't that scene from Taken where you're about to get sold on auction. But I can assure you, it's all good...especially if you can carry a tune.

By now, I'm sure you've heard about Flash Tattoos, as they've been seen all over the music festival crowd lately. And as you already know, I'm a tattoo lover, so I had to get my hands on these jewelry-inspired adornments. It's been a long time since I've had a temporary tattoo. Kind of makes me wonder why in the hell do I want to go through the pain of the real deal? But then I remember that these designs only last like 5 days.

So tell me...what are you loving this month?

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