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Monday, October 13, 2014

Lookbook: Culottes & the Gang

Spent the weekend being productive by actually running errands. I forgot that people do that sort of thing on Saturdays. Went ahead and picked up a new fragrance and a big ass floppy hat that I was way too excited to get my hands on. You boos know how I feel about hats! Walked an entire mall too, which is odd for me as I'm not a big fan of malls (way too effin' crowded), but it did smell like Cinnabon everywhere so that was a plus. Then we hit up the 49ers/Chiefs game sitting row one. Being the big football fan that I am, I couldn't have been happier going to that game, especially since the 49ers stadium is just minutes from my house. Score.

Picked up this floral headband (even though I know they're no longer on trend) as I was trying to channel my inner Lana Del Rey. Also flaunting my confetti-style nail art and Flash Tattoos. I got a little tattoo crazy and put about six of these on. And how about this cute crop top and the bright culottes? Yeah, it's October but I can still wear styles like this because of a curious heat wave in the Bay. How's it hanging in your neck of the woods?

On the Muse: | Concrete Runway satin silver crop top | Roxy smart tailored pintuck culottes c/o Boohoo | Flash Tattoos Sheebani set | Madewell double midi ring | Incoco sweet surprise nail art | Shoedazzle Erin pumps | Lyss Loo clubmaster sunglasses c/o Shoplately | Claire's floral headband | Forever 21 satchel |

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  1. prettiest outfit ever, i loved the pants , top , tattoo , hair accessory , basically everything
    U look AMAZING
    keep in touch

  2. This look is so fun and love the tattoos. Lana has nothing on you.


  3. LOLZ....Cinnabon smell is always good:D

    Love those culottes so much, Cheryl.

  4. Such an adorable look. I have some Lulu dk tattoos that I finally got to wear recently and love them! Yes, they are addicting.:)

  5. What a cute look! I love so much, especially the title of the post. Cute! That flash tattoo was a nice touch!


  6. I seriously love these pictures. Can we take more?

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  8. Too freakin' cute! <3 Really liked how you made the outfit playful with the flower headband and fun sunglasses!

    xx Alyson
    The Beauty Vanity

  9. In love with the floral headband!! You look pretty as always :)

  10. Love the look overall! It's very fun and the colors are gorgeous. I especially love the heels!

  11. So cute, like a little princess! #PersonalStyleLinkup

  12. The flash tattoos are so fun, I've been wanting to try them! Love your ruffled crop top too, it's a lot of fun.

  13. Those culottes have a really nice pink color!It's one of the 2 pink hues that I like the most, the other one being baby pink!
    As for the flower long as Coachella exists, they'll always be in style! I actually wanted to wear one on my wedding, but it didn't match the style of the dress, so I didn't :(

  14. You seriously looks so pretty in this color combo!

    Saw the photo of you and your hubby at the game. My husband went a few weeks ago and said the new stadium is awesome.

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  16. What a cute outfit. Culottes bring back memories of my childhood. Glad they are back in style.

  17. Amazing outfit, pink looks great on you :)

    See you xx

  18. I've wanted to try the flash tattoos but never done it. They are perfect with your pink pants and crop top.

    xo, Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  19. I love love love the hue of those pants! So chic!
    Just found your blog and I totally love your style girl!
    XO Ellen from Ask Away Blog


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