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Friday, October 31, 2014

Musings of a Muse - Part 10

Happy Halloween!
Originally, the Musings of a Muse post for this month was going to be about fat shaming and skinny shaming. But I no longer feel like writing about that subject matter. Maybe I should have written this post at the start of the month when that topic was hot and heavy on my mind. It was a whole thing about mistaking "overweight" for "curvy" and mistaking "skinny" for "healthy". There is a big difference between being curvy and overweight--they are not the same thing. And the same can be said for considering yourself to be healthy because you're a size 2. Again, not the same at all.

But I digress, I don't really want to talk about size right now. Instead, let's make it a little lighter. What the hell should I be for Halloween this year? I know it might seem last minute--because it is--but I really have no idea this year. I like costumes that are fun, clever, creative and a little scary too. I'm not into "sexy" nurse ideas. So, let me know what you plan on going as this Halloween and give me some ideas too.

What should I be for Halloween?
Jane Lane (from Daria--and the hubs will be Doug Funnie)
Re-use Nightmare Before Christmas costumes
Pop Art
Mad Hatter
Neytiri (from Avatar)
Storm Trooper (Star Wars)
Please Specify:
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