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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Inspiring Style: Holiday Tablescapes

The holidays are around the corner--Thanksgiving is already here! And since I don't contribute anything whatsoever when it comes to meal preparation because I don't cook, I think this year I'll use my creative talents to decorate a lovely holiday tablescape. I've seen a lot of inspiration ideas on both Instagram and Pinterest, so I'm sharing some of my favorite tablescapes. Hopefully this will give you guys some ideas as well, if you want to get all festive and stuff. Find these images and more on my Pinterest.

GOLD LOVE - Definitely my favorite color combination for a brilliant holiday tablescape. Nothing looks more magical than a gold table filled with candlelight. The wood table is just an added bonus.
SILVER LOVE - Yes, this is a nice, crisp holiday tablescape that keeps your decorating clean. Feel free to add a lot or a little--it's really up to you. Just try to make the silverware and napkins match.
COLOR LOVE - If you want to spruce up your holiday tablescape quick and easy, then add color. You'll find a lot of red decor to go with a Thanksgiving theme, or blue decor for a Christmas theme. The red reminds you of a warm fireplace, while the blue brings in the snow--even if it doesn't snow where you live.
Do you plan on making a holiday tablescape this year? See the one I actually made on Instagram!
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