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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Inspiring Style: My Instagram Favorites

Remember, remember--the fifth of November! Since September I've been really into Instagram. It's been my favorite social media account for a while, but I've been challenging myself to post great images of my life every day for almost three months now. With all this time spent on Instagram, I thought I'd share my 5 favorite types of Instagram photos with you. Start following me if you're not already so we can keep in touch. Comment on my Facebook or Twitter accounts with your Instagram handles!

  1. What's On Your Feet?
    • Yes, I want to know what your shoe game is like. I'm really into shoes so I get a lot of inspiration from seeing great shoe shots--from sneakers to stilettos.
  2. How Do You Flat Lay?
    • As you know from my how-to flat lay post, I'm a big fan of this style of Instagram photography. I like seeing these because they are totally creative and super pretty.
  3. How About Your Puppy Love?
    • Being the dog lover that I am, I simply can't see a cute picture of a puppy on my feed and not heart it. It might just be a dog owner thing, but pups always get my vote.
  4. Can I Get Some Inspiration?
    • Occasionally, I like to see inspirational quotes on my feed because they put me in a good mood, especially after a particularly crappy day. 
  5. What Are You Eating?
    • Yes, I know it seems silly to take pictures of your food. And it might seem ridiculous that we live in an age of photographing everything we eat before we eat it. But nice photos of food help me figure out what I want to eat during the week, lol--whether it be savory or sweet.

By the way, today (11/5/14) I am featured as the cover photo on the True Religion Facebook page with an interview to come! How exciting is that? You can see the link to the photo here.
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