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Friday, December 19, 2014

Inspiring Style: 12 Days of Christmas Gifts

| 12 (Dozen) Roses | 11 Songs on a Playlist | 10 Pairs of Socks (J. Crew) | 9 Colorful Macarons | 8 Quirky Ornaments (Target) | 7 Fun Hair Accessories (Forever 21) | 6 Bottles of Wine (Waitrose) | 5 Spirited Polishes | 4 | 3 Scented Candles (C. Wonder) | 2 Doggy Sweaters | 1 Mistletoe |

I know there are only about 7 days left before Christmas (and that Chanukah has already begun--oy vey), but humor me. So I thought I'd do a fun little twist on the 12 Days of Christmas with a few gifts you can buy last minute for girls, for fun and for life in general.

I'm getting those Target ornaments for sure--if I get a tree this year. But I'll probably get them anyway because I can't say no to anything Star Wars. And all those nail polishes are in shades of the Pantone color for 2015: Marsala! If you haven't purchased a Chromecast yet, then get your hands on it immediately. It's like $35 and allows you to display anything from your laptop/tablet devices to your TV. It makes cozying up with a Netflix marathon over the holidays the most awesome thing in the world.
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