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Friday, January 23, 2015

Inspiring Style: Dining Room Decor

With what you've seen from my living room decor and bedroom decor posts from earlier this month, you can probably tell that I'm into a very specific color scheme. For 2015, I'm all about grays and whites with accents of blue and yellow. For the dining room, I added a banquette bench as partial seating as I've always enjoyed the way those look in home decor. What do you think of those benches along with hanging wine stem racks?

What do you think of the three rooms in my home decor edition on the Muse?
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  1. Love the mirrored wall frames, so cool :)) And the hanging lights too. Peonies are my favourites :)) Happy weekend doll xx

  2. u have such a good taste not only in fashion but also in interior
    i loved te chairs and combo of grey and neom
    Keep in touch

  3. that all white map is really cool!! love it.

  4. The world map is so cool, but I love it all :)


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