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Friday, February 13, 2015

Movie Reviews: Jupiter Ascending

Over the weekend I saw Jupiter Ascending in which I've been wanting to see for what seems like forever. I think this movie was supposed to be released last year, but there was some weird conflict that pushed it back. Needless to say, I was excited for some Channing and Mila.

The Good
This is a visually stunning film. And if you're into action movies (not sure why you'd watch this if you weren't), then you'll be satisfied. The action is pretty much nonstop. Channing Tatum's character is the star of just about every action scene. And if you've always imagined a future where skating on air was a legit thing, then you and your love for Back to the Future will enjoy the cool effects. And if you like pretty dresses and headpieces, it doesn't disappoint in that category either. The movie wins when it comes to action and costumes.
The Bad
Uhm, why didn't the director get better use out of Mila Kunis? I mean, she's wonderful, and I feel like this movie made her seem quite B-reel. She only opened her mouth to say silly lines and she didn't really partake in any of the action -- in an action movie where she plays the title character. Say what, now? Why did Channing get to have all the fun and Mila just got to play a girl with a crush?

The Ugly
Nothing is downright ugly about this movie, as I actually did enjoy watching it. But I was hoping that I would leave the theater wanting to watch a sequel. I wanted to start making up story lines in my head about what happened next. But sigh, that wasn't the case. It just turned out to be more fluff than fire, and could probably take a few pointers from Guardians of the Galaxy. And someone should tell the writers to make better use out of an actor like Eddie Redmayne next time. The man just won the Best Actor Golden Globe for playing Stephen Hawking for crying out loud!

Anyway, I digress. I'm still going to watch this movie again when I eventually see it on Netflix. Overall, I wouldn't really say that Jupiter ascended or descended -- she just kind of stood there.

Rating: ♥

Happy Friday the 13th! And enjoy your long Valentine's Day weekend as well.

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