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Monday, March 9, 2015

Lookbook: Suit Up

Let's get something straight here -- I love jeans. I wear skinny jeans almost every day. They are my go-to closet item. But, recently, I've found myself adorned in dresses, skirts and rompers: Exhibits A | B | C | D. These cute pieces have been forcing me to shave my legs in the winter! Wtf?

Well, I suppose spring is just around the corner so I might as well get a jump start with this H&M jumpsuit. The cord trim, metal beads and side pockets got me like "whoa." And I couldn't think of a better accessory to pair it with other than this perforated bowdoin mini clutch from Hayden-Harnett. You can wear it like a crossbody with the strap, or just stick your fingers through the front handle like a clutch.

On the Muse: | Bowdoin mini clutch c/o Hayden-Harnett | H&M metal bead jumpsuit | Zoya natural satins nail polish | Urbanog Qupid Athena gladiator sandals |

Remember this post when I told you that my dog ate my passport? Well, I've decided to embarrass her by sharing this photo of her in her Princess Leia costume from last year's Halloween party (she is not impressed). How embarrassing, am I right? You should just start calling me Regina George because I'm officially a mean girl.
Mess with the bull--you get the horns. OMG, can't you imagine how cute that phrase would be on jewelry?

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  1. Hahaha...can't get over how awesome that Princess Leia costume is! :D
    And love that H&M jumpsuit.

  2. lmaooooo poor doggy this is hilarious. Love your black romper, I got a pair this weekend and this post is getting me excited to wear mine.


  3. drooling over those shoes girl
    Keep in touch

  4. Keep on rocking the rompers and dresses! It pairs perfectly with the Hayden Harnett clutch (love their convertible bags!)

    p.s. How freaking awesome does your dog look?

    little luxury list formerly Chic 'n Cheap Living

  5. Loving this jumpsuit Cheryl. It has such a great feminine yet edgy vibe. And your dog actually looks pretty darn cute as Princess Leia.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  6. This outfit is perfect for the spring weather that will be in my neck of the woods, soon I hope! Lol. LOVE the sandals and the detailing on the jumpsuit. It's perfect! Thanks for the morning chuckle; your pup looks so cute! LOL!


  7. Love this look!

  8. Haha that doggy photo is the cutest! Can't believe your dog ate your passport!! I would be so pissed. Loving this romper doll!

  9. I'm thrilled that Spring will be here in less than 11 days - YAY! You look amazing wearing that H+M jumpsuit and I'll look forward to seeing you adorned in skirts and dresses in the upcoming months - they're perfect couture for Spring and summer and you will look absolutely FABULOUS wearing them! That's hilarious that you dressed your passport-eating dog up as Princess Leia. She's lucky you didn't make her wear a dunce-cap. You're very creative. I like that jewelry phrase you came up with.

  10. you look so cute and those sandals...LOVE

  11. you are looking so fierce in this outfit! love it

    and the last funny!!


  12. love this, perfect for spring!

    xx danielle // shades of danielle

  13. you're making me wish for spring even more! love those gladiator sandals :)

    C's Evolution of Style

  14. I am DYING at the doggy costume! Ahaha!!! Too adorable! And you are really making me want gladiator sandals… more! I've been wanting some, you're pushing me over the edge! And that clutch!!
    PS COOKIES for sure! :)
    Carylee | more pieces of me

  15. those sandals are awesome! such a cool outfit!

  16. awesome!

    loving the gladiators!

    <3 rhea @

  17. You look great, love the doggie picture :) xx

  18. Oh little poor dog, but why eat a passport? Had it coming doggie.
    I love your jumpsuit and those sandals fit perfectly!

  19. Your bag is great, I love the handle!

    Haha, your dog is too cute. Gotta love the costume.

  20. The picture of your dog is hilarious! Love your sandals. I can't wait for sandal weather :)

  21. oh my! I totally love your outfit gorgeous! especially your footwear! love the purse too! :)

    Rica |

  22. Love your clutch. The handle style is gorgeous!
    Fash Boulevard

  23. LOL! Your dog looks so cute! Don't feel bad I am a skinny jean lover too! You look amazing! I love your tattoo!



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