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Monday, March 16, 2015

Makeup and Muses: Zoya Natural Satins

A couple weeks ago I wrote that I was loving the Zoya Natural Satins nail polish line. This line features polishes that are matte and pretty perfect for the start of spring this week. The 6 colors in the Natural Satins collections are: Leah, Rowan, Sage, Tove, Brittany and Ana. My three favorites are Sage, Tove and Brittany, so I'm sharing how they look if you'd like to try them out for yourself. I only needed two light coats for each color.

| From Left to Right: Tove // Brittany // Tove again // Sage |
| Boy Meets Girl x Nordstrom Roman Luxe ring | Prismera Design stacked U rings |
Tove is my absolute favorite. It's like a misty slate gray. Slick Slate by Sally Hansen is a close dupe, but Tove has a bit more of a blue-ish hue to it, which is quite nice. It is opaque with a cool tone.
Sage can be described as a mossy sage green. A super similar dupe would be Turquoise & Caicos by Essie. Currently wearing this on my toes as well. It is opaque with a cool tone.
This is a super smooth rose mauve cream tone. It is a close dupe with Custard by 100% Pure. It is a light, girly polish and opaque with a cool tone.
Can you tell that I've gone tulip crazy? #allthetulips
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