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Friday, March 20, 2015

Movie Reviews: Acting Debut - Microsoft #LumiaLove

Last fall I was part of the Microsoft #StyledbyLumia challenge. As part of that challenge, I used my Lumia smartphone to share what went on behind the scenes of a blog photo shoot. Well, I won that contest -- yay, go me!

Back in February, Microsoft Lumia decided to put together a #LumiaLove series and I was asked if I wanted to be the "love interest" in the story. The story takes place over a series of Vines where actor, Daniel Bostic, uses features from his Microsoft Lumia to go on a date with me! Watch below to see how the series played out!

Note: click the speaker icon on the bottom right of each video to hear the sound.

Daniel just experienced a tough break up and is looking to start dating again.
Using his Microsoft Lumia phone, he found me via a dating app.
We meet up for a dinner date that didn't start very well.
Fortunately, we bond over art and then decide to continue the fun elsewhere.

We went dancing and things started to heat up.

And before we knew it, we had fallen for each other!

This is my acting debut, muses! And by acting, I mean basically a pantomime since you don't actually hear my voice. I'm just full of great gestures and expressions.

Big thank you to: Microsoft | the Republic Publishing team (especially Alicia, Ali and Nataja) | Andrew Callaway (the director) | the crew | Pearl Cabalan for hair and makeup | Studio Trilogy in San Francisco | my co-star, Daniel Bostic | and #thehubs for hanging out while I filmed this over Valentine's Day weekend |

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  1. This was fantastic...go you!! You did a marvellous job, I loved it :)))))) Well done, very pleased for you xx

  2. This is so awesome, Cheryl! Congrats on winning. Andy you look so fab in the vids, girl! :)

  3. How fun! And, well done on the acting debut! Adorable video. :)
    Fringe Style

  4. This was so fun to watch! You looked great! ~Cynthia

  5. You done good!! I cant wait to see you on the silver screen. And a product of JA.


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