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Friday, May 8, 2015

Inspiring Style: Costa Rica

A view from our mansion-stay in Dominical, Costa Rica
Hanging by the dark sand beach with monstrous waves 
This awesome squirrel monkey is going back into the wild
Treetop hanging bridges in Monteverde, Costa Rica
High up in the mountains, walking through the clouds
Zipline crew, unite!
What it looks like flying by a line and bathing in a waterfall
 Beach maxing and relaxing
Juice boxes and sunglasses for the win
We're all like, "what are we saying here?" at the tree house restaurant
Hummingbirds at their finest
Bye bye, Costa Rica!

Last week was spent visiting Costa Rica with a few friends. Don't you just love to travel? We rented a house in Dominical and just hung out by the beach for the most part. We did some surfing, hiking and animal watching. We also spent some time in Quepos, Alajuela and Monteverde. Our last day was packed with hummingbirds, treetop bridges and ziplines through canopies in the sky. It would have been nice to have umbrellas while ziplining as we were in a rain forest and could hardly see two feet in front of us.

We learned that sloths practically never move; capuchins will kill you (but squirrel monkeys are awesome); ziplines are more fun superman-style; Cuba Libres come in can form; it takes 30 minutes to drive 3km; cacao and sugar cane don't get enough love; life is better with tres leches cake; and the answer is always pura vida.
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