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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

What I'm Loving in July 2015

This time last year I believe I was traipsing through South Africa enjoying a grand summer vacation. Now in 2015, I'm enjoying summer in a more local way -- from biking around town to home decor.
Beach Cruisers -- You've probably seen a few of these around your neighborhood, especially if you live by the water, or just glimpses of them on Instagram. I used to own a regular mountain bike, but actually got rid of it earlier this year when I moved. So, I was in need of new wheels, and these beach cruiser bikes in fun colors are just so perfect for the California sun. They're colorful and allow you to sit up straight for a comfortable, chill ride.

Garden Party Style -- If you're looking for a style that's the epitome of summer, then you have to try the Garden Party collection from Shopbop. These are the floral prints, off-the-shoulder crop tops, flowy skirts and fun two pieces that I'm sure you've seen a lot of lately. I don't know what it is, but I feel like summer style has really found its A-game this season!

-- A couple months ago I was first introduced to matcha. You can see from my Instagram that you can choose to buy the matcha green tea latte from Starbucks for $3, or you can simply ask them for two scoops of matcha, some water and ice for under $1. I actually bought a packet so I can make this at home any time I want for all the green tea benefits with a delicious taste.

Arrow -- Summer TV is pretty blah (although I occasionally find myself watching So You Think You Can Dance). The best way to have a binge day in the summer is by watching Netflix. And my latest guilty obsession has been the show Arrow. I like to watch it when I workout in my garage gym. Everyone on that show is always kicking ass, so it helps to keep you motivated, too!

Walton Home NY -- One of the coolest things about Instagram is being able to connect with other great bloggers and brands. That's how I first heard about Walton Home New York. The company, owned by Donyale Walton, is a collection of lifestyle products that believes that "as you enter your space, it should make you feel good about you. You should love the way it smells, smile at the art and quotes around you, and it should remind you of how awesome you are." I couldn't agree more. And right now, I'm loving the Socialite Collection Candle in gardenia and caramel notes, along with the Shoe Addict Framed Print because...duh. -- Since most of us tend to really get our workout on in the summer, we might as well be working out smarter and not harder. That's why I'm loving my new Suunto Ambit3 Sport Watch by WatchCo.comThe Watch Company is a family owned business that offers a vast selection of high quality, well designed watches and other tech accessories. You get brands from Daniel Wellington to Samsung and for both men and women. I love this Suunto smartwatch because it includes a built-in GPS, weather settings, heart rate monitor, calorie counter, and features that are great for runners, bikers and swimmers. Oh, and it tells time, too!


  1. I want everything in that Garden Party collection and perhaps a garden party to be invited to!

  2. Matcha green teas are the best! I didn't know Starbucks carry it now...mmmmm....

  3. Fun post!
    I need a beach cruiser!


  4. I haven't tried matcha but the matcha green tea looks good!

  5. I have to check out Arrow - I've been binge-watching Pretty Little Liars lately, and absolutely love it!


  6. Thanks for co-hosting the linkup party. Jon my party here

  7. Enjoyed seeing what you're up to and lovin' this summer. Thanks for joining #funsummerfinds !


  8. Hmm I'll have to try that matcha :)

    I'm binging The X-Files on Netflix. lol I know I'm 20 years too late but thought I'd check it out before the new reboot comes back.

  9. Ahhh! Arrow is one of our favorite shows! Isn't it great? Lately we've been catching up on the latest season of Community on Yahoo and it's great so far! Much better than the last season or two, I think.


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