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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Oyster Books

You guys know that I like to feature movie and book reviews here because even though I'm into fashion, I do have other fun interests. And since I spent the last couple of weeks traveling, it was definitely great to have some reading material on deck. Thank goodness for Oyster Books!
Oyster is an app that allows you to read a large variety of books on your phone, tablet or even computer. Once you get the app and select a book, you can read it instantly and offline (so no need for WiFi if you happen to be in a place with bad service).

You can choose to read books from Oyster by downloading the app -- subscribing to Oyster Unlimited for only $9.95 a month will get you access to more than a million books -- or you can simply use the app to buy a particular book without downloading the app. The Oyster app includes an unlimited component that covers one million titles, but you can also buy books independently on retail, which includes an even broader selection!
Can you imagine spending so little money for access to all your favorite titles like Life of Pi, Everything Is IlluminatedAngela's Ashes and more?

Right now on Instagram I'm giving away a one-year subscription to Oyster Unlimited for free! And since you're a fab reader of the Muse, I'm giving everyone here three months of Oyster Unlimited for only 99 cents just by clicking this link!

Read books from a variety of categories like Young Adult (Scorch Trials and Fangirl) to Poetry. They even have categories like Weird, Self-Improvement, DIY and Award Winners.

The Oyster Unlimited app certainly came in handy for me on those relaxing days sitting beach-side and on the longhaul flights too, but of course, it's great for simply keeping you company at your local coffee shop as well.

So what are you waiting for! Enter my Oyster Unlimited giveaway on Instagram and #readallsummer! And tell me what you're currently reading right now in the comments below (I'm reading The Kind Worth Killing).


  1. I have not read much this summer but this is such a cool app to have.
    A great Giveaway too.

  2. I have been reading alot this summer and I love the classic paper books but i will check this app out for a trial!

  3. This is awesome! I think the best thing about it is not having to worry about WiFi.

  4. Sounds like an awesome app! I'm reading Ross Poldark :)


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