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Monday, August 17, 2015

Snapchat: Stories & Secrets

Usually, I like to talk about tech accessories to spruce up the look of your phone and laptop -- and Shopbop most definitely has some amazing options in this area. But today, I'd like to focus on a particular app that's been on my mind.

Even though I'm into social media, I feel like I'm always behind when it comes to the latest apps. I remember that Instagram was out for months before I even created an account (partially due to the fact that I have an android and it was only open to iPhone users). And I just got into Snapchat about a month ago, even though people have been talking about it for more than a year already. Don't even get me started on Periscope...

But since I now feel comfortable on Snapchat, I thought I'd share a few tips about the app and why it could be fun for you to use. Find me on there as: ohtobeamuse

What is it?
Snapchat allows you to take photos and videos that you can share with the world (My Story) or with specific people. These photos/videos are called snaps and can be viewed for 10 seconds before they go away. So you can snap yourself doing something crazy and have the knowledge that after 24 hours, it will essentially self destruct and be gone for good. Although, this is the Internet so is anything really gone forever?

How to use it:
One of my biggest qualms about Snapchat is the interface. I suppose it's a bit too simple for my liking and not very user friendly. So first you download the app, create an account and add some friends. You can add them via your phone's contacts and/or search for usernames. Set your preferences, privacy settings and then start snapping.

Click the Snap ghost icon to see your name, score, who adds you, and friends. Click the bottom square on the left to view any snaps that were sent directly to you. You can click on the names on this section to send private snaps and even have private conversations with people you follow. Click the bottom square on the right (sometimes looks like three lines) to see your feed. You can view all your snaps under My Story at the top. You can also click the three dots next to My Story to see who has viewed your snaps.

You can watch the snaps of the people you follow under Recent Updates and All Stories in that same section. You can watch a friend's snaps more than once in a given 24-hour period. You can also re-watch your own snaps. You can also choose to save your snaps to your phone in the given 24-hour period by clicking on the three dots next to My Story, then clicking on the particular snap, then hitting the arrow bar icon on the bottom right. This way you can save that photo or video to your phone's memory.

Between My Story and your friends' snaps, you will see the Discover section. This features a few accounts that Snapchat thinks you might enjoy. I like to watch the video snaps by Buzzfeed (like: men try on female bathing suits) and Cosmopolitan (like: boyfriends give their girlfriends a blowout).

Why I use it:
At first, I had no idea why I was on Snapchat (still kind of feel the same way about myself and a few others, lol). But then I found the beauty in its temporary nature. It's much easier to put up a silly video of a conversation between you and a friend when you know that after 24 hours it will be deleted. It's also a lot easier to post a photo of yourself at the gym or eating dinner without the need to over edit it so it meshes with your feed. Snapchat is more real and personal in that regard. You get to see a lot of people in their "natural habitat" so to speak.

If I'm traveling, like I am now, you'll see way more in depth details of my adventures (or lack thereof) through my random videos and pictures on Snapchat as opposed to my more thought out images on Instagram.

Plus, if you want to know what I sound like (a child) or are curious about the conversations I have with #thehubs, then that's reason enough to follow me on Snapchat.

Snap Tips & Tricks:
Some of these might be a secret if you're a newbie.

Change the color of your font -- type what you want to say, then click on the T which will make your font bigger. Then scroll over the colors on the right until you find the color you want to use. Press the T again to center your text.

Change the size and angle of your font -- touch the text with two fingers and move your fingers in and out.

Add filters -- swipe the screen left or right to add filters. You can change the background color (warm tone, black and white, etc). You can also add the speed, the temperature and the time by swiping. And you can rep the city you're in by swiping as well. Sometimes Snapchat will even have special filters on certain days.

Who to follow:
-- Other bloggers: it can be fun to see what your favorite bloggers do when not playing dress up.
-- Far away friends: probably the most interactive way to keep up with your friends who don't live nearby since you can chat with them and see videos of what they're up to.
-- Certain celebrities: and for this I mean Snapchat celebrities, as some people might not be well known but they are popular on this app because they create funny, interesting and memorable content. But some actual celebs can be fun to follow as well. Like, I follow Jared Leto. He doesn't snap much,
but he's so pretty to look at, lol.

So tell me -- are you on Snapchat? What's your favorite social media app at the moment?


  1. I love snap lol, it's just a more laid back SM platform.


  2. Snapchat is quickly becoming my favorite app to post to and watch!! (ChasingDavies)

    Awesome tutorial!

  3.'s ok, Jared Leto. You can just stand there and be pretty and we'll follow you:D Anyhoo, I'm not on Snapchat, but thanks for this guide, Cheryl. Maybe, soon....

  4. Yes I am a huge fan of snapchat. I love how personal it is and you have the opportunity to "get to know" your favorite bloggers a little better. I find myself utilizing snapchat more than my other social media apps, these days.

  5. I am a big fan of Snapchat but Periscope is being stealing my attentions! Gosh all these apps!
    I will be following you then, great post by the way!

  6. Great post! I just learned a lot about snapchat and I've been applying all the tips and tricks I've learned to test them out. I've also done a post recently on Snapchat as well. I'm following you on snap chat. I'm on there as Obynnadi - Happy blogging!

  7. I feel like you are on the trends for social media, because I don't even use Snapchat, etc. I just heard about Periscope, lol. So many apps, so little time. Thanks for sharing!

  8. i am not on snapcht, but i guess will make one soon

  9. That's exactly how I feel about Snapchat - It is more real and personal! :)

    ∞ ∞

  10. I just can't get into Snapchat. It's been sitting on my phone for a few weeks, and I've used it twice. I think I'm social media-ed out.

  11. I am not on snapchat yet but I am thinking about it. There are just too many apps and social net works to keep up with these days...:-). Thanks for sharing these tips Cheryl


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