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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

What I'm Loving In August 2015

Last August I was really into Flash Tattoos, which is quite funny because I've seen them all over social media lately. Come check out what I'm loving this time around!
Now that I'm off on vacation (is it really a vacation when you work from home?), I'm visiting two hot destinations. I usually prefer the heat over the cold so I'm not complaining. I'm actually thinking about nautical attire so I look the part. And I guarantee that you'll find the best striped dresses, shorts and lightweight nautical-inspired pieces at Shopbop. I mean, how cute are those sailor's knot studs? You'll want to jump on these styles and take advantage of the last few weeks of summer before fall arrives.

So I know that not everyone is feeling the overalls look, and with good reason I'm sure, but some of them are rockin' it! I'm particularly enthusiastic when it comes to the skinny fit overalls that would look so cute with a pair of Converse sneakers or a pair of pumps, too. Am I right? This white pair by GUESS is totally calling my name!

And if you're still attending summer weddings (or you have some fall weddings on the horizon), then you're probably on the hunt for teal bridesmaid dresses (like these) or coral pumps. And when I think weddings, I also think decor. My mind is abuzz with fun stationery and thank you cards that can also double as decorative pieces for a home office. Can't get over all this cuteness courtesy of Rifle Paper Co on Shopbop!

I know -- I'm lame. I have a selfie stick. I actually just bought one of these for taking food shots, not selfies. I used to think standing up at a restaurant and telling your friends not to touch their food was weird and embarrassing. But I don't care anymore, lol. A Bluetooth selfie stick will provide the height I need for a good overhead shot. I'm sure it'll come in handy on vacation as well.

August 16 is National Rum Day. Being from the Caribbean, rum is my alcohol of choice, so I'm basically all Captain Jack Sparrow when it comes to this day. And my favorite rum drink is Kahlua and cream. Kahlua is a coffee-flavored liqueur from Mexico that contains rum, corn syrup and vanilla bean. It uses 100% Arabica beans (the good shit). To make this drink all you need is two basic ingredients: Kahlua and cream (mind = blown). You can also use Kahlua to make other fun cocktails like a mudslide, a white Russian (a Kahlua and cream plus vodka -- The Dude's favorite drink), and espresso martini, or even a B52.

So it's always a good idea to take care of your skin, but that's especially true when you travel. I can't even tell you what a 15-hour flight does to your skin. Luckily, I'm all over the Yes To brand from Target right now. Two of my favorite items are the Yes To Cucumbers soothing facial wipes and the Yes To Coconut Eczema relief spray. The wipes will keep your face moisturized (and can also remove makeup) and the spray is great for keeping dry skin at bay all over your body.

What are you loving in August?


  1. I am also loving selfie stick! I got one for my Galaxy and wow, i think I am addicted!!

  2. I always love anything nautical, pretty much all the time :)


  3. Everything looks brilliant!!Love stationary :))) xx

  4. that is too cute about the selfie stick. no shame in your pic taking game! haha. Speaking of flash tattoos, did you see my flash tattoo nails? and this post is coming up as teal bridesmaid dresses, what??

  5. Not the selfie stick! Nooooooo! ......hehe
    And I'm really loving overalls too. Must get one soon:) Anyhoo, hope you're having a fab holiday, Cheryl!

  6. I definitely want to try on a pair of the skinny overalls. I used to wear overalls all the time when I was a teen! They were so easy and comfortable to wear.

    I am thinking of getting a selfie stick myself. Might as well since they're so cheap! I think it'd be fun to take one with me on my vacation.

    I LOVE the Yes To brand :)

  7. Last summer I saw selfie sticks were everywhere in Asia, and now they are in this part of the world too. Lol! It is very fun to use. Great picks!

    Take care and keep in touch!
    Please stop by today for Color and Grace Fashion link up!

  8. cute post! I am with ya, Love a skinny overalls!

  9. I used to drink white Russians, and totally forget about them now. I have not tried a Selfie stick, but I hardly take them, perhaps I'll upgrade one day, haha. I love anything nautical as well, so great bag and jewellery. Elle is right, it comes up as teal-bridesmaid dresses for me too.

  10. What an awesome idea to use a selfie stick for food photos! I could've have used one for a group shot I was taking the other day but I don't think I would ever actually buy one. I love the Yes to Cucumber range - so soothing!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  11. Love the nautical-inspired pieces and really any excuse to wear stripes :)

  12. Kahlua for the win. Thanks for sharing your fun list!

  13. Nautical stuff is always fun in the summer :) Love the Yes To brand!


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