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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Style File: Fall Looks

As you've come to understand by being a reader of the Muse, I like to wear what I want. If something is trendy and I dig it, then I'll wear it, but I mainly want to feel comfortable. That's why fall fashion is so wonderful because it allows you to easily attain comfort without substituting style.

Depending on where you live, autumn can be a bit on the warmer side or a bit on the colder side. Here in the Bay Area, it can start off a bit cold and then warm up a tad, so my fall fashion tries to cater to that change. This usually means jeans, hats and jackets and coats, but not all the time. I'll link to some similar pieces below so you can shop and wear your own fall style file.
// Bright Like a Diamond | 11.24 // 
// Tweedledee | 9.28 // By Your Bootstraps | 10.6 //
// Styled by Monochrome | 10.20 // Be So Bold | 11.3 //
// Intarsia-Stellar | 11.10 // Earn Your Stripes | 11.17 //
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  1. hats are totally made for you sweety. Loved the first outfit

  2. I can't decide which look I love most, although the striped dress, hat, and cape is pretty fabulous!

  3. The array of colors, fabrics, prints, ornamentation and styles of the fall fashion you highlighted are lovely. The bight sparkly blue jacket and the mint green top with inset lace are my favourite outfit pieces from amongst your many fab fall fashion looks.

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  4. So many fun outfits! Love the sparkly blazer up top!

    xo Lacey

  5. Lovin your fall style!
    And THAT striped dress....gorgeous!
    Bric-A-Brac.A fashion and lifestyle blog.

  6. Such great inspiration! Love them all...really can't pick a fave! Lol.


  7. These are awesome outfits, Cheryl:) We tend to go from super hot to super cold over here unfortunately...sigh....
    PS I love love love those wedge boots!

  8. Love hats for fall and that blazing blazer is rad on you!

  9. I love "Be so Bold and "Earn your stripes" but would love to have them all in my closet (in my size of course). Enjoy!

  10. Love your style! Each look has a unique twist! So cute! My favorites- Intarsia-Stellar and Earn Your Stripes. So pretty!

  11. Really cool outfits Cheryl! Those orange pants look awesome on you.

  12. I love your sequin blazer! So fabulous :)

  13. Awesome post! I would love to invite you to my new link party The Beautifully Creative Inspired. The party launches every Fridays at 9AM eastern time on 5 BLOGS! It runs until Wednesday night :D Hope you can party with us!


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