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Friday, October 30, 2015

Suicide Squad: Harley Quinn

The last couple of years, the hubs and I have thrown a themed Halloween party at our place. We started with Game of Thrones and then did Star Wars last year. Sidenote: how big is Star Wars right now? I saw a life size Darth Vader that I truly had to convince myself not to purchase.

This time, our theme is Suicide Squad (but we did incorporate the entire Batman universe to make it easier on our guests). I decided to dress up in a Harley Quinn costume. But I didn't want to do the old school look. I went for the new look as portrayed by Margot Robbie (I could mention how there aren't enough superheroes/villains/main characters for people of color, but I'll get into that some other time). The movie comes out next year, so this will probably be a popular costume for Halloween 2016. What do you think? Harley Quinn, pleased to meetcha!
Happy Halloween, muses!


  1. super cool sweety
    Keep In Touch

  2. Sounds like you do such fun things for Halloween and I love what you've chosen here. Definitely agree about star wars being huge right now. Target was full of star wars merchandise. My friend from work has the life size darth vader costume too! So cool.

  3. Very cool, Cheryl:) And can't wait to see the movie. It was filmed here in Toronto! (I don't know if they're done or still doing post-production.)
    And yay to Star Wars!

  4. You guys are too cute! I love the themes!! I'm so pumped for the movie and hopefully I can see more of pics of your costume!

  5. That's sounds so exciting.
    And you two look amazing.
    Thanks for sharing it with us.
    P.S. Love your accent on Snap chat 😘

  6. Fantastic job on an updated Harley Quinn! Love your hair! Happy Halloween!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  7. Love how you recreated this costume before the release of the movie so it's not wildly overdone yet!

  8. This is an awesome costume idea. I bet you won't see many Harley Quinns out either. This year.


  9. Great outfit! I like all the colours, hairstyle, the different colours of nailpolish and your poses. No question about it, viewing would be much enhanced by having larger percentage of main characters, roles, casts, producers, directors being people of colour and women especially (my own pet peeve - tired of browsing movies and shows and seeing primarily white faces - and I (gasp) am one. Again, love your Halloween outfit :D

  10. Love your costume, and your themed parties sound like fun :)

  11. I saw one of these pics on your IG, what a fun idea and look! Your outfit came out amazing!

  12. I love that you guys dress up and do themes! Halloween is so much fun! You looked awesome Cheryl! I loved Harley Quinn. She's a blast! It's Star Wars everything at the moment! So much fun.


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