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Friday, December 18, 2015

Traveling Muse: Israel

Here is a little recap of where I've been recently. Over the Thanksgiving holiday, I spent some time enjoying the snow in a cabin in California with my dogs. And last week I was in Israel for the first couple of days of Hanukkah. Do you guys have any fun travel plans coming up this holiday?
// Inigo looks good in the snow, but he's not really a fan //
// Run, Kelevra, run! She was born to the snow //
// Praying at the Western Wall //
// Where Jesus Walked -- Church of the Holy Sepulchre //
// A little hummus lunch stop only the locals know //
// Tasting the local fruit juices at the market //
// Posing with the Dead Sea that separates Israel and Jordan //


  1. Beautiful photography, love your collections here, and the Inigo is so cute!

  2. beautiful pictures and I am also travelling in Italy for the holiday!

  3. These are such wonderful photos, Cheryl! Imma living vicariously through you:P
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Beautiful pictures! You go to so many awesome places :)

  5. Wow, amazing place! Hope you had a great time (:

  6. Lovely photos. It looks like you had a good time.

  7. Wow, those photos are absolutely gorgeous. I would love to visit Israel. This year was my first year attending a Hanukkah celebration. We had a big dinner for the first night and it was wonderful!

  8. How exciting that you visited Israel! I love being able to travel during the holidays. Hope you had a wonderful time!

  9. What an amazing trip Cheryl! That is such a blessing to see. No, I'm home halfway through renovations. Hopefully complete in March or April.

  10. That hummus looks amazing! Love all the pics (of the pups in the snow and Israel!).


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