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Monday, December 7, 2015

Whiskey and Wolves

So I totally love wearing these tights during the winter! I know, that's usually when people wear tights, but I actually own multiple pairs, but I only like to wear these in particular. How could you not love them? You can see that I've worn them both here and here. But I'm also a fan of these Wolford tights on Shopbop, too. 'Tis the season, right?

I wore this look over the Thanksgiving weekend. A few friends and I drove up to a small town called Sierra City here in California. It was about 4 hours north and had already experienced its first snowfall, which is crazy because it's definitely not snowing in the Bay Area. Oh, the joys of Cali weather.

I'm really happy about this handkerchief scarf -- I've been wanting one for quite some time. You might see it around more often. The same can be said about these edgy DSW Fergie booties. Not the best for a snow day, but totally amazing for everything else. I know we're already through the first week of December, but can I just say that even though I'm not super outdoorsy, I was happy that I spent my Black Friday in a cabin surrounded by snow instead of a mall surrounded by people. I even had a fab conversation with a local wine bar owner -- way more fun.
On the Muse: Whiskey & Wolves shirt c/o MinkPink | Blue denim shorts | Peek Brooklyn What Would Jackson Pollock Do tights (similarly awesome) | Fergie Indigo ankle boots c/o | H&M wool hat (similar) | H&M military jacket (similar) | Chan Luu handkerchief scarf c/o Shopbop | TOMS glittens (similarly awesome) |


  1. They're cool Cheryl! I love your Whiskey and Wolves sweatshirt! Looks fabulous on you. Glad you had a great time.

  2. i am going to check out those tights right now, they are super cool
    Keep in touch

  3. Those tights are super fun!! Love the edgy look to this outfit!

  4. This is too cute. Like you, I love tights too, and come summer or winter, I rock them

  5. I love the look!
    The tights are really beautiful!

  6. I froze just seeing you !
    That is a cool tee.

  7. Those gloves and the kerchief are so cute! Love that Tee!
    Stylish Foodie 2.0

  8. Such a fun pair of tights. I Love them, and love the way you styled them!


  9. I know why you love those tights; it has very fun prints and it's beautiful. Great outfit for lounging in the cabin.

  10. This outfit is Fun and super comfy. Enjoy!

  11. I, too, spent Black Friday in a cabin in the snow and it was wonderful! Although I was writing finals essays so I didn't get to take in cool pictures like you! This outfit is just perfect, I adore your scarf :)

    xx, Ashleigh |

  12. This is such a fun cold weather outfit! I've never actually thought to pair denim shorts with tights...but if you can wear a skirt with tights, why not?

    Also, it's really cool that snow and cold is such a short drive away from your warm weather. If only I had such luxuries!

    Something About That

  13. Those tights have such a cool pattern to them! It must've been fun taking photos in the snow! I just wish it was softer like it appears in cartoons. lol!


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