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Friday, January 1, 2016

Resolutions 2016

Resolutions, resolutions. Did you guys make any this time around? I've made a few resolutions here and there, but like everyone else, I pretty much never stick to all of them. I will say that I actually did pretty well this past year. I actually managed to keep up with my hair, makeup, nails and skin care goals, even though I kinda sucked when it came to my clothing goals.

So I think I should try my hand at my "closet purge" resolution from last year, and I think I'll also add "reading more hard cover books" and "getting back into the fitness game" in 2016 as well. I think these are reasonable goals for a new year, don't you?

And if you're looking for a fun read for the weekend, I recommend that you take a gander at this awesome Confessions of an Active Mind gem from 2012. Or you can get lost in the Musings of a Muse series that I did in 2014. I just might bring those back...

Happy New Year!
And here are my fave looks from 2015!

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