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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

What I'm Loving February 2016

February is the best month ever. I couldn't have picked [not that I did] a better month to be born in. There's just something uber special about February birthdays, especially the Pisces zodiac. But granted, I am biased. This February is quite special for me because I'm turning 30 in about a week! I really don't have any qualms about leaving my 20s and entering my 30s because black don't crack. Strangers will probably think I'm between the ages of 17 and 22 for another 10 years. And, quite honestly, a lot of my friends are already in their 30s so I feel like I'm playing catch up. And there's nothing cool about being 29. Thirty is where it's at!

I recently started eating squid ink pasta just a couple months ago when I got a complimentary dinner at the Four Seasons Quattro restaurant in Palo Alto. I told the hubs that it's become my favorite thing, so he went to Amazon and ordered some squid ink pasta and made me a grand dish. The funny thing is, this site also got their squid ink pasta from Amazon. Apparently, there really is no limit to the amount of things you can get from that website.

Thinking feet first for spring with these smoking slippers! As we transition from winter to spring, we have to think about our feet -- and I'm not just talking about pedis. It's almost time to move the boots to the back of the closet and bust out the chic espadrilles like these beauties by Soludos. These are either $65 or $75 and come in the cutest designs like donuts, limes and coconuts! I mean, honestly, don't you want all of these? Like, one in every color and food group?

Earlier this month, Punxsutawney Phil failed to see his shadow, so that means he predicted that spring will come early. We're about a month away from the official first day of spring, but I seriously can't wait to trade in my faux fur coats for striped shorts. Spring clothes are my go-to right now, which is why I can't get over this cover up and scallop swimsuit. I know you're like me and you're ready to wear fun bathing suits and beach accessories, too!

Let's just clarify -- when I say netflix and chill I totally mean binge watching shows and movies on Netflix while eating carbs in my pajamas. My current Netflix obsession is Lost, which I know everyone watched like 10 years ago. I never felt an interest or desire to watch this show when it was on TV, but now that I can watch four episodes in a row, it's way more fun. I'm on season three right now, and my initial interest has waned a bit, but I'm still pretty intrigued by all the weirdness. Did you guys watch Lost?

Since this song came out at the beginning of the month, I hope all of you have had a chance to listen to it by now. I've never been a Rihanna fanatic, but good music is good music. Her song Work from her new album ANTI is so boss. Being a Caribbean girl, I couldn't get over how much I loved the dance hall vibe of this song. And I know Beyonce's Formation was pretty big this month, too, but total kudos to RiRi for doing work!


  1. Yesss Work is fire, another song I love from her album is same ol' mistakes. Oh and welcome to the 30s club :)


  2. Advanced happy birthday, girl! And LOST is seriously one of the best shows. Me and the hubby are two of the millions who followed it religiously when it was on. We still argue about that very last episode to this day....hehe

  3. Happy almost birthday! and ooooh I'm loving those smoking slipper espadrilles! so cute :)

    XO Sahra
    Que Sera Sahra

  4. Happy Birthday! How did I miss that you were a Pisces too? Welcome to the Dirty Thirty Club!

    I missed Lost first time around too. I'll keep in mind the next time I'm looking for a good show to watch.

  5. I tried squid ink pasta for the first time last year and it was really good. I'm convinced you can find just about anything on Amazon these days ;)

  6. Love this list! I definitely need a new Netflix show to get into now that I'm done with Making a Murderer

    Sincerely, Jennie

  7. The smoking slippers are so fun! Hope you have a wonderful 30th birthday!

  8. Ahhh...I'm well into my 30's and I've still been carded at times for places, haha!! I actually love my 30's more than my 20's. These are super x

  9. you'll love your 30s!! i am still obsessed with smoking slippers. i have one pair and always get compliments on them!

  10. Happy 30th Birthday in advance! The thought of Spring clothes is cheery - love the cover up and scallop swimsuit. I too love binge-watching NetFlix and chilling, munching carbs in sleeping attire in the easy chair. I've never seen "Lost" but I do have NetFlix, so maybe I'll try giving "Lost" a watch.

  11. Oh, yes! I was obsessed with LOST. There are definitely some filler episodes here and there and episodes where even more questions are added to your list of "I NEED to know", but it's really very good and thrilling! It makes you watch it.

  12. I love Soludos! I am currently dreaming of my THIRD pair LOL


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