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Friday, April 22, 2016

Minted: Spring Refresh

You know the feeling you get when the season changes and you look at your decor and you're like, "I think it's time for a makeover." -- well, I have that feeling. When I was younger, I didn't understand the need to switch out throw pillows and the like, but now that I have my own home, I've realized just how much fun switching up home decor can be!

Thankfully, my friends at Minted are always here to help with a spring refresh! Based on posts seen here and here, you can see that I like a light and airy look with splashes of yellow and blue. So that's why I had to get my hands on the perfect pillows and art pieces to reflect my style.

The pillows came in a variety of colors from banana and steel to lime and lilac. I opted for ice so I could add the touch of blue. I also love how this pillow fabric played off the Stitches art print. That tells you just how easy it is to re-create a space all with items from Minted.
I also got two lumbar style pillows in the banana color to make the look less monotonous. This is why I went with the Floral art print in the saffron tone so the yellow in the pillows could help bring out the yellow in the swimsuit.

By the way, the pillowcases are made from cotton sheeting and cotton canvas fabric. This is simply perfect since today is Earth Day and cotton is a sustainable, renewable, biodegradable, environment-friendly fiber! And speaking of cotton, check out my SNAPCHAT (ohtobeamuse) today for a fun story about other cotton accessories that you'll love this spring!

And just like the Aquamarine print from my bedroom refresh, I got these prints with the distressed cottage white frames to tie everything together. Did you catch that? It's the beach home atmosphere that my home decor style exudes. Now all I'm missing is the beach...
Be sure to shop Minted right now to get 15% off sitewide with code SPRING16 until April 25!

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Juana Esparza


  1. obsessed with these pillows and your home is so fresh.


  2. are so ready for spring, Cheryl:) Very fresh indeed. I love that frame you chose, and the pillows are just the right touch.

  3. Your place definitely looks Spring! I love it!! I really like your pillows too!

  4. Love all of this. Esp. that blue! yasss!

  5. beautiful! love the calming colors <3

    XO Sahra
    Que Sera Sahra

  6. I had no idea Minted did pillow covers. The ones you got are like a breath of fresh spring air!

  7. Love the beach feel! The pillows and prints are so pretty!

  8. I love the colours and I agree it is so nice and relaxing to change your interior with the season.

  9. I love MINTED! I have one of their pillows and some party supplies and love everything! I don't switch stuff out really because of space issues but it helps that each of our rooms is a different theme!

    When I was scrolling through your photos I was like, "This her place!?". These look like photos from a magazine!!


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