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Friday, May 6, 2016

Mother's Day: New York, New York

Are you muses ready for Mother's Day? It's just two days away. My mother is an inspiring woman, and even though I won't be celebrating this Mother's Day with her (considering we live on the opposite sides of the country), I do hope that you all are able to spend this special day with your moms.

Growing up, my mom gave me a lot of style inspiration. I remember always playing around with her shoes and thinking that some day I would take a few of them out for a spin. The funny thing is, my mom and I share the same shoe size, so it's very easy for us to be shoe twins. But now, she's the one who is coming into my closet and taking my shoes! Seriously -- I just gave her a pair of flats that I used to own last month.

This New York & Company look is a style that I would totally wear to a Mother's Day brunch to celebrate moms on May 8. The intricately pleated ruffle detail on this empire blouse is totally something that any mom would love, especially because it comes in a cherry blossom pink, a Greenwich garden green and a paper white. And it's perfectly paired with the striped studio shorts that create a sophisticated sense of contrast (and 90% cotton)! They also come in yellow!

My flats are the icing on the cake that top off this Mother's Day inspired look. Definitely a pair my mom would want to get her feet in, but I'm not ready to part with them just yet.

Check out all the fab Mother's Day looks from New York & Company with The City collection! There's a Jardin maxi dress in the collection that I think all moms and daughters will love!
On the Muse: | New York & Company studio shorts c/o | New York & Company empire blouse c/o | Nordstrom Halogen flats |

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  1. you look so pretty and I love your hair like that.


  2. Love this look, Cheryl:) Casual and chic. Unfortunately, we still can't wear shorts here for Mother's Day, but seriously can't wait when we finally can!

  3. Lovely sentiment! The flats here are adorable as are those sunglasses! Enjoy your weekend!

  4. You look Fabulous and I love the big Hair. . .

  5. Moms are seriously the best. Unfortunately I won't be spending mother's day with mine because she's in Cali and I'm in AZ but she knows I love her which is all that really matters! My mom is also not the biggest gift person, she prefers to spend time together & chat, then me buy her flowers! I'm the complete opposite haha. GIMME THE GIFTS! xx

  6. What a great brunch look! The top with the ruffle is super chic

  7. Oooh your shorts and your shoes!!
    New follower & I love your style xx.

  8. The shorts are amazing and so are the sunglasses :)

  9. Absolutely love this look! So classic but the little touches like the flats give it your personality! Gorgeous.

  10. Great post! Just followed you. Love your blog!
    Marveling-Mind☀ | Instagram | Bloglovin’

  11. Great shorts Cheryl !
    They're so dressy.


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