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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Nice Guys

If Ryan Gosling makes a movie, then this muse sees it! That's just a given. I saw The Big Short last year (very good) and it's clear that people are starting to view Ryan as a more serious actor. I mean, he has the chops, he's easy on the eyes, and he's quite funny. And maybe you even remember his days on The Mickey Mouse Club?

So whether or not The Nice Guys was any good, I was practically pot committed from the beginning. The movie is about a girl who goes missing and a private eye (Gosling) and hired enforcer (Russell Crowe) who are paid to find her. It's set in 1977 with a Los Angeles backdrop.
The Pros: Gosling and Crowe have pretty great chemistry in this movie. Their comedic timing is perfect, even if Gosling plays the butt of the joke more often than not. The young actress who plays Gosling's daughter also adds to the ensemble cast.

The Nice Guys isn't afraid of not being politically correct, and mostly that totally works for it. The two leads get into some pretty wild adventures and are constantly trying to keep themselves alive while searching for the missing girl -- all while hit men want them dead.
The Cons: The director is pretty good at his job (he also did Iron Man 3 and Lethal Weapon), but I think he might need to get his hands on a new editor. There are many scenes in the film that just lag or go on for way too long. It's like, yes, that joke was funny -- 10 minutes ago when you first said it. And yes, I get the '70s vibe, but sometimes it comes off as overdone.

If you ever saw the movie Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang (which this guy also directed) then you'll definitely see the similarities. So you know that this movie won't be memorable, but will definitely be enjoyable.

Rating: ♥

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  1. I love Russell Crowe so I'll definitely be checking this out!


  2. Ryan Ryan! This movie looks funny! I can't wait to see it!

  3. Looking forward to seeing him ! Oh and the movie ;)

  4. I'm not really a Ryan Gosling fan, but this movie does look funny!

  5. Yeah it definitely went on too long - I think it was 2+ hours.

    I also read another review about the lack of developed females so I think that was also a factor for me :/ But Ryan was enjoyable.


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