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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Summer Music Playlist 2016

Can you guys believe the last time I did a summer music playlist post it was in 2013? I decided it was time to bring it back because I feel like we've all been looking forward to the summer season this year (what a scorcher, right). And, I've also found a ton of fab music lately that I seriously didn't even know I was sleeping on. You probably didn't know you were sleeping on these either.

Desiigner: Panda -- When I first heard this song, I was just like everyone else: "what the hell is this shit?" But then I heard it a million more times on the radio and it grew on me. I realized that I don't care what it's about (a BMW X6) or how silly it is because it makes me dance, which is summer perfect.

Kiiara: Gold -- Remember when I played this while on the boat on Snapchat? I think it's my favorite song on this list because if I were a recording artist, this is the type of music I would make. She's got a similar vibe to Lorde, right?

Sia: Cheap Thrills -- You might notice a bit of a reggae/dance hall vibe with a couple of the songs on this list, and that's totally on purpose. Sia is killing it this year, and if you haven't already done so, you must click through and watch the hilarious video.

Flume: Never Be Like You -- When this song comes on the radio do you get chills? Because I totally do. And I also turn it way up when the beat drops. Much like Kiiara's song, this is another that I would put on my own mixtape. Kai's voice is flawless.

Rihanna: Needed Me -- Seriously, this girl is fiyah right now. Even if I don't agree with everything that she does, I'm totally cool with her music. I'm too old for a role model. I just want a Caribbean girl who can kill it, and RiRi does it every time.

Travis Garland: One Dance/Turn Me On -- Obviously, Drake's version is pretty great and probably the biggest song of the season. But this mashup by Travis Garland is killer. Definitely give him a listen as all his covers are boss.

Mike Stud: Swish -- If any of you have the Esquire channel, then you've probably heard of him. I had no idea who he was before the show because I'm old and have no idea what's "in" these days. But I gave his songs a listen and realized that he's pretty good. This isn't like a summer jam, per se, but it's lyrically amazing.

All these white rappers are coming up in 2016, including Mike Stud, G-Eazy and Logic (who is biracial). Move over, Macklemore?

So, I'm dying to know...what songs are you listening to this summer?



  1. I have to admit that I had not heard any of the songs you mention, so I googled Flume's (because you said it gives you the chills) . I guess I needed chills ?! Haha. Regardless, it IS a good song, I can see why you'd have it on your playlist.
    Now a "treat" for you, this is one of the songs on my playlist these days:
    The music just makes me happy ;)

  2. I'm obsessed with Flume! These are all great songs actually, most of them are already a part of my 'Run' playlist for the gym lol!

  3. I'm seeing a lot of favorites on your list! Rihanna and Sia can never do no wrong in my eyes! Those two are definitely on my playlist for summer! XO

  4. Awesome playlist you have there Cheryl, I totally love Needed Me by Rihanna. xo

  5. Love your playlist sweetie! Rihana and Sia ft Sean Paul are so good! On repeat over here!

  6. I love this entire list! Currently downloading a few I haven't heard before!

  7. I love Sia!!!

    Okay so I love listening to Panda but I can never understand what he is saying! lol

  8. That's how I felt about Designer at first too! Now, I love listening to it!

  9. Great post! Currently loving the new Coldplay CD and can't get enough of Calvin and Rihanna's new song.

  10. I was just telling my husband that I needed to make a new summer playlist. Thanks for doing the work for us!! Adding all of these songs on Spotify now!

  11. Love this post and song recommendations!!! I need to update my playlist ASAP!

  12. Awesome playlist. Definitely loving Rihanna's songs lately. Also Sia! :)

    ∞ © ∞

  13. I LOVE that Flume & Kai song so much. I've listened to it over & over for months now and it still doesn't get old. For a similar vibe, try "Alaska" by Maggie Rogers. I've really been loving Miike Snow (his single "Ghengis Khan" is good, but I especially love "The Heart of Me" and "My Trigger") and if you're digging dance hall lately, check out Major Lazer - "Light it Up", "Too Original" and "Powerful" are faves.

  14. It's always fun to see what other people are listening to. I had to look up some of the one son your playlist cause I'm not familiar with them. I have a renewed love for Blur lately and have been listening to their Parklife album nonstop.

  15. Nice playlist! I will have to give some of these a listen! I'm really feeling Arianna Grande this summer!

  16. Have to admit that I have not heard any of these songs so I clicked on Sia and loved it. I am a Sean Paul fan and anything feat him I will buy. Thanks Dear.

  17. Yes! I so needed these! I just started to get back into running and been on the mad hunt for some new tunes. Love your recs! XO

    Anna || A Lily Love Affair

  18. I've never heard of Mike Stud, but the fact that he's on your playlist definitely makes me want to listen to him! xx Adaleta Avdic

  19. I saw a very brilliant tweet that summed up my feelings in regards to Desiigner "I now know how older folks felt about the hip hop I grew up with" lol I can't get into it. He's fun/entertaining, I'll give him that lol but my ass too old. Give me the classic '90s hip hop. I'm also playing Rihanna's "Love on the Brain" on repeat!

    1. Lol, it took me a while. But the beat is way too good. I did read someone say "this dude is rapping in cursive" and I thought that was HILARIOUS. Will check out that Rihanna song.

  20. Love this summer playlist...everyone needs a summer anthem!


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