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Friday, July 22, 2016

The Nine Best Fashion Apps in 2016

Image courtesy of Style By Alina and the Posy App

In an industry obsessed with beauty, there has never been a better cultural pairing than fashion and technology. From daily street style inspiration to the perfect beauty how-to guides, these 10 apps will make even a casual interest turn into a full-blown obsession. Load up your smartphone and start scrolling because the digital age is introducing you to new buys, new looks and new loves all in one convenient package.

No fashion guru's Instagram is ever complete without the perfected street style photo, and for all the editing photo apps out there, VSCO Cam is my favorite. With excellent filter collections, a feed of amazing user photographs to grab inspiration from and a direct upload into Instagram, it’s the perfect add-on for any daily photo lover.

All the Clueless lovers can rejoice because technology has finally spread to the masses, and Stylebook is here to deliver the best digital closet app available. To get started living the dream, photograph your closet and import it into the app to customize your outfits. You can then record it on your calendar to conveniently track your outfit history. With the bonus of creating magazine style layouts with your clothing, you can always screenshot your choices to upload to your blog or Instagram and share instantly.

Posy App
Posy is another great app that allows you to share your style and get instant feedback, especially for "outfit of the day" gurus who love to post daily. Using the Posy App, upload your photos, add a question and then release your query into the world of savvy fashionistas for quick, fashion-minded answers. You can also join in on the conversation by posting your own comment on other user's photos and sending feedback to your responses. This app is a great way to increase your influence as a stylist and build those much-needed relationships in the fashion industry, while also making friends along the way. Still not sure how it works? Check out this video!

RedLaser is the perfect accessory for the budget fashionista. When you're shopping at the mall, the in-app scanner can locate the product that you're considering to purchase across different distributors to show you the competitive prices. You’re never going to regret a purchase ever again. With additional perks like product reviews and a loyalty program, this app just begs its users to be smarter shoppers.

Zara stands out from all the other retailer apps by also providing its users with excellent lookbook and campaign images that you can pull inspiration from. Gift cards are now accepted through the app as well, making purchases easier than ever. Fair warning to all Zara lovers—in the hands of the untested, this app can mean a closet full of the brand’s beautiful clothing so handle with care!
LOOKBOOK is great for two reasons: it’s in real time, and it’s by real people. As the ultimate street style app, users can upload and track their favorite street style stars all over the globe for instant coverage of what’s hot, what’s new, and what’s trending. Users can also share outfits by uploading their own photos and have the opportunity to become the next LOOKBOOK favorite.

WWD: Women’s Wear Daily
While Vogue may hold the most esteemed publication position in people's hearts, it still can't compete with the industry's ever-present obsession with Women’s Wear Daily, and for good reason. With insider tips, retail industry know-how, and the latest news circulating in the fashion world, this app is your go-to for all the juicy gossip going on from the atelier to the runway. For a true insider’s guide, update the free app with a subscription and you’ll have an all-access pass to the news.

Daily Street Snaps
If Leandra, Miroslava and Gilda are your go-to style inspirations, then Daily Street Snaps is exactly your kind of app. With a clever, easy-to-use interface and constant updates, this app provides the latest on the street updates and will provide plenty of new fashion stars to follow and obsess over. Whether you're a fan of the Tokyo, Milan or New York City style, this app is the answer to getting the global update on what's being worn in real time.

Your one-stop shop for getting the latest from top style and fashion blogs from all over the world, ChicFeed is how gurus get access to their favorite fashion voices and keep up with every new post. Featuring blogs like The Sartorialist and Jack and Jill, it’s more or less the best newsfeed you can imagine, with daily style inspiration, options to customize your news feed, and plenty of room to discover your next favorite.

Whether you’re a newbie fashion app user or a hardened veteran, these 10 picks will change the way you get your daily fashion dose by giving you easy access to more diverse fashion voices. So get ready to digitize your love of fashion and enjoy all the new updates headed your way!

This is a guest post written by Isa. She is a culture junkie with a penchant for great books, great fashion and even better technology. A self-proclaimed digital nomad and entertainment writer for Culture Coverage and Secure Thoughts, she hopes you enjoy flipping through these fabulous apps for style inspiration!


  1. What a great list of apps! I love it. ��


  2. I had no idea all these fashion apps existed. I must be so out of it haha. I'll check them out!

  3. Thanks for sharing this list, Cheryl:) I didn't know ZARA has its own app...that is not good for the wallet!

  4. Love all of these apps, especially Posy!
    xo Jessica

  5. I am so in love with VSCO CAM but still can't download Posy in europe yet!
    Thanks for sharing this awesome apps.

  6. Great list!!

  7. You would not believe it... but on my phone I only use Insta, Twitter (i'm on detox) and check my email oh and Whatsapp- That's it !

  8. These seem great! I have to look into these. I'm a sucker for fashion and beauty apps :)

  9. RedLaser sounds like a fantastic way to check prices!

  10. These are some of my favorites as well! But there are a few I that sound amazing! Checking them out now! XO

    Anna || A Lily Love Affair

  11. Interesting post! I will check them out!


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