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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Rewrite The Rules In 7 Days

Even though this is known as a day to sleep in, rewrite the rules and instead try your best to get an early start on the day. Set your alarm clock for 6 a.m., head outside and catch the sunrise. You'll actually feel more energized and inspired when you're awake and the world is quiet.

Forget about the usual Monday blues and attack the week head first. Instead of being a downer, make an effort to accomplish items on your to-do list. Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today. Make one huge accomplishment to make the day great!

It might be early in the week, but who says you have to treat it like that. Have lunch outside the office at a place you always wanted to try; leave work early and enjoy a matinee; pamper yourself with a little shopping or even an at-home spa day (think bath bombs, candles and dark chocolate truffles like the ones below to set the mood). Good things can happen in the middle of the week.
Do something special for someone else, no matter how big or small. Pay for someone's coffee order, even if it is a Venti three pumps soy Chai blah blah blah. Let a mom and her kids go ahead of you in the checkout line at Target. A little goes a long way.

After a long day at work, you probably want to just kick back. But try to do something that allows you to enjoy the great outdoors. While the weather is still nice, enjoy a bike ride that ends in a picnic or even a leisurely hike. Always Infinity makes doing something out of your comfort zone, comfortable! The pad is made from SmartFoam and provides protection that absorbs 10 times its weight yet feels like nothing. The fact that it locks away moisture and molds to your body makes it easy for you to get active and stay active no matter the time of month.
They don't call it Flashback Friday for nothing! Instead of doing the typical Friday night dinner and a movie (or club) agenda, try doing something that you enjoyed as a kid. Get some sidewalk chalk and play hopscotch or embrace the adult coloring book trend. You can even do a family game night or just find some of your childhood favorites to watch on Netflix. Gilmore Girls, Full House or Sailor Moon, anyone?

Volunteer your time! It's really that simple. Rewriting the rules is all about evolving and feeling confident. That can be accomplished by doing different things for yourself AND for others. Animal shelters, clothing drives and community gardens are easy ways to step up your volunteer game, but you can also lend your time to after school programs and senior centers.

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  1. You actually gave me some good ideas, I really loved your ideas hun, I think I might just start doing that... :) xx

  2. This is such a lovely post:) I really love the Friday one...."do something you enjoyed as a kid"....hear hear.

  3. Such a positive post. I like the idea of getting out of the office and grabbing lunch on a weekday. We used to do that but haven't in a long time :)


  4. I love the Friday idea! It's good to indulge your inner child from time to time :)

  5. Lots of great ideas. Very refreshing post. Going to use a few of them this week! Thanks!

  6. I love Tuesday and Wednesday ideas. These are great!

  7. I love Tuesday and Wednesday ideas. These are great!

  8. What a great plan for the week. I've been meaning to find a place to volunteer and need to get on it!

  9. These are great ways to shake up any dull week routine! I can't wait to start implementing some of these.


  10. I'm all about being positive and charitable. So, I like the pay for coffee bit for others you mentioned. I've done that a few times, then a total stranger did it for me another time. That's the best when unexpected! Enjoy the weekend.


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