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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Insta Lately: September 2016

Remember the last time I did an Insta Lately post? Well, I'm back at it again so you can keep up with all the things going on with me outside of the blog. And, of course, you can just follow me on Instagram and Snapchat to make life easier on yourselves, lol. Seriously, good stuff there!

// Natural Bridges //
I'm trying to add more scenic shots to my Instagram going forward. As you guys know, I'm not just about fashion (even though I love it). But I also really love beautiful views and excellent photography. I had the hubs take a bunch of photos of this on the Sony DSLR but then I went ahead and used this shot taken by my Samsung Galaxy instead, lol.
// Cut It Out //
You'll see more of these cut out west coast wedges on the blog soon (and they come in beige, too). I already own a ton of wedges, but how could I resist these?
// Braids & Baubles //
At the Kendra Scott grand opening a couple weeks back. Didn't buy anything then, but I have my eye on the Samantha necklace -- what do you think?
// Tahoe Swing //
I'd like to one day retire and end up sitting on a swing looking out toward the water. How can you not find peace with a setting like that!
// Vines Cafe //
Check out this spot if you're ever in Sacramento. Usually I take this time to give you some behind-the-scenes info, but just read the caption. It tells you everything you need to know.
// The Bralette //
Whether you call it a bralette or a cami crop top, it's definitely something you should add to your fall wardrobe as it's perfect for layering! Shop this one here!
// September Issue //
We're in the month that starts fall, that gives us New York Fashion Week, and that stacks our bookshelves with all the September issues. This one was my fave. What about you?
// Glo'd Up //
We took this photo at one of the pools at the apartments by Moitozo Park. The sun was giving a weird reflection at the time, which is why my hair is sparkling. Pretty cool, I think.
// Clean Slate //
Gotta love fun and unique ways to dress up your home decor, which is why I love these slate matte coasters and trays by Renee Redesigns. They come in gold, rose gold and silver, too.
Just call me salted caramel. It's really hard for me to say no to anything with caramel in it. I mean, just look at this macaron deliciousness! If you have a Maven's Creamery then hop to it.
Been wearing this NY&Co perfume all summer and will take it into the fall as well. If only I could bring these pink peonies with me.


  1. love these shots and give me this macaron ice cream OMG!


  2. You have one of the best Insta feed! I love looking at your photos!

  3. You have such an amazing Insta feed! I LOVE those wedges

  4. I love that you've been adding more scenic shots to your feed. I love those!

    1. I love that you noticed that. I'm trying to add more scenic/travel images more often.

  5. Here I am wondering why - if not - I don't follow you on Insta...

  6. I'm all for beautiful views, and those cut out wedges look fabulous :)

  7. I love insta posts like these are yours are always good ;) xxx


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