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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Workout Wednesday: CamelBak Has #GotYourBak

It's no secret that I try to live a fit life. I'm not top tier, but every day I wake up and try to do at least one thing to better myself both inside and out. And working out is one way to do that.

Even on the days when I don't feel like leaving the comfort of my bed, I still get up, get dressed and get out. Most days I workout at the gym, but sometimes I like to take it outside. On this particular day, I decided to go to Alviso Marina County Park just adjacent to San Jose. The town of Alviso is a little bit of a ghost town. But it has a beautiful trail, biking path and boardwalk.
So I filled up my CamelBak Chute® water bottle to take me through the day. The CamelBak Chute® is vacuum insulated stainless steel and holds 20 ounces of water. I added some ice to keep it cold because we've been experiencing a heatwave here so I wanted to be prepared.

Alviso Marina County Park has a few boardwalks with these yellow doors to nowhere. You can easily jog the trails and end up at one of these boardwalks to take in the view of the mountains. A couple of the boardwalks even provide views of the trains passing by next to a body of water.
After taking a leisurely run through the park, I knew I had to stay hydrated (I believe it was closing in on 85 degrees). I took a few sips from my CamelBak Chute® and was amazed to find out that not only was my water still cold, but the ice hadn't even melted. The vacuum-insulated steel will keep water chilled for 24 hours, which is exactly what you need when exercising.

And another cool thing about the bottle is the cap that fits neatly into the handle so you don't have to worry about holding or misplacing it. So carry the bottle in your backpack, on your bike rack, or wherever without any hassles. It's dishwasher safe, leak-proof and 100% free of BPAs.
I also have the 40oz Chute® that's great for longer hikes. And both of my water bottles are jet black but you can find them in a few other colors (brick is a good choice and perfect for fall).

When I finish with my workout, I always get some coffee. That's just my thing, especially since coffee is actually not that bad for you (it has a good amount of protein). And did you know you can also use the CamelBak Chute® for both your iced and hot coffee and tea drinks? Plus you can reduce the amount of waste since these bottles are obviously reusable!
This is a sponsored post in partnership with CamelBak and Her Campus Media. All words and opinions are my own. 


  1. i need this flask in my life
    keep in touch

  2. This looks super, I need one of these :)) xx

  3. Carrying your own water like this is so eco-friendly and chic too!

  4. Love the pictures in this post. I am always looking for new bottles and flasks. Will check this out. :)


  5. It's always smart to take water for hydration on a run, walk, stroll. :) I have a Tesla cup that I use similar, so I will have to check out this Camelbak brand. Thanks!

  6. Don't you love these! I completely agree with you - they're the perfect workout companion! XO

    Anna ||

  7. I love my Camelbak water bottle!!! Also your workout pants are SO cute.
    XO Amanda |

  8. Great post! I hate when my water is warm by the time my workout is finished. So cool to know that this one keeps your drink cold


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