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Friday, February 17, 2017

Insta Lately: February 2017

Almost five months have gone by since my last Insta Lately post in 2016. But I've decided to spare you and not show five month's worth of Instagram posts, lol. You're only getting some of my favorites. If you're active, then be sure to share your Instagram handles in the comments below so we can follow each other (@ohtobeamuse).

// Black Tip Reef Sharks -- 2.2 //
That time I went to the Maldives and saw baby black tip reef sharks swimming in the shallow parts of the crystal clear water. They don't mess with people as it's in their nature to swim by the shore, so they're aware of humans. Although, I've heard that they might mistake your feet for food and nibble a bit.
// I Workout, I Workout -- 1.26 //
These turnout lace-up leggings (and in this gray shade) are my new favorite workout piece. Doesn't new workout gear keep you motivated to hit the gym? You can shop similar ones here.
I happen to have a fairly big sunglasses collection and these are a few of my favorites. But truth be told, nine times out of 10 I wear my Ray-Bans and they're not even in this photo, lol.
// Optimistic 2017 -- 1.5 //
Usually I stick to Entertainment Weekly and InStyle, but I had to snag this copy of Vogue because Ruth Negga looks so divine. Plus, it says fashion's brightest age is OPTIMISM and I'm looking to be more optimistic in 2017. What about you?
// Happy New Year -- 12.30 //
You might have seen a glimpse of these New Year's nails in this blog post so you know where to buy them. I love how easy it is to change up your nail game with these stickers. The writing on the nail stickers is simply icing on the cake!
// Twinning -- 12.15 //
It took a million tries to get this little Pomeranian to sit up straight, smile and put his paw on my shoulder. If only you could see the outtakes! But he was a total trooper and got a snack for his troubles. If you have a pet then you know they aren't big fans of clothing.
// The Catcall -- 12.4 //
I wrote this maybe six months prior to posting it because I'm never sure how people will respond to my quotes/jokes on Instagram because some things need a verbal delivery to hit their marks. But it seems like the 80% of my readers who are women really got this one. Maybe the men, too.
// Tulum Time -- 11.12 //
Tulum is a hidden gem, although its secrecy might not last for much longer. It's a beautiful beach town that's all about simplicity. You can easily walk from your beachside room to one of the many restaurants right across the street. Except no one tells you about natural septic system.
// Su-Wa-Nee -- 10.19 //
Back when I visited my college alma mater (the University of Florida) and saw some friends over the homecoming weekend. This is me and my friend Anna (we met at UF) on the Suwanee River. The Suwanee River song might be racist, but the river itself is quite beautiful.
// Swing Away -- 10.13 //
I had lived in the Bay Area for five years before even knowing that this place existed. How could you say no to a swing made of wood and ropes that overlooks the Golden Gate Bridge? I didn't even know there was a beach and campground in this area, but I do think this was the location to one of the bridge scenes in the opening credits of Full House
// Pumpkin Spiked -- 10.5 //
When it came to holiday decorations, I wanted items that would fit the theme (fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc), but I didn't want them to venture too far away from my own decor aesthetic. That's why these white spiked pumpkins from Target (aka: Tarjay) were the perfect accessories. Everyone loved them, especially because they were only $6!


  1. Replies
    1. You'll see those baby sharks everywhere if you ever visit The Maldives.

  2. Replies
    1. Your feed is great. I especially love that Black Sand Beach shot.

  3. Your shots are always so inspiring and your Pomeranian is totally adorable! I could just imagine the outtakes! LOL!

    1. Girl! He really was not feeling this sweater. It was a miracle we got this shot, lol.

  4. The lace up leggings are genius ! Even I want to work out ;)

  5. I just finished reading that issue of Vogue! Ruth Negga is stunning on the cover and I really enjoyed her interview as well. She is one to watch!

  6. Your photos are all stunning!! All those beaches make me wish I were on the water too!

    xx, Pia

  7. You had a great month! I am loving all those sunnies!

    Amanda ||

  8. Your workout lace up legging are awesome! They are truly so very cool. If I had those, I would work out everyday!

    Beth ||

  9. Definitely - new training gym helps working towards gym goals. Your pants are soo cute!
    Not commenting over nature - tooo beautiful!

    Inside and Outside Blog

  10. Such beautiful shots, love that pic with ur dog !!
    New post -

    would u like to follow each other on blog ? Let's follow on Instagram - @sapphireziva !!
    have a nice day..
    xx, Kanchan

  11. You take such gorgeous photos! I really love the style you show through them and you also have an incredible collection of sunnies!

    La Belle Sirene 

  12. I love your feed style. It is gorgeous!!!!

  13. Such a great roundup! I love those lace up leggings; they're so cute!

    Belle |


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