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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Insider Look: My Love Hate Spring Movies & Genres

Since I haven't done a movie review since the Logan movie back in March, it's about that time again to give you an insider look at the latest releases. Spring movies don't typically shine -- it's just not the season of movies. That's typically reserved for the summer. So there seems to be a love/hate relationship with spring movies as if the crowds are just waiting for the June releases. Here are my reviews of a few of the recent films I've seen in the last couple of months. Seen any of these?

I'm really just over here patiently waiting to see girl power on the big screen when Wonder Woman comes out on June 2...and maybe Rough Night on June 16.

Historical + Biographical

Lost City of Z -- opened April 14: I'm not going to lie. The ONLY reason I went and saw this movie in theaters is because it stars Charlie Hunnam. Charlie is my boo. I'll watch anything he's in, which is why I have to go see King Arthur: Legend of the Sword even though critics hate it (audiences felt otherwise). As far as a well done movie goes, this is it. There's some fab acting, beautiful storytelling and lovely scenery. It was certainly a very good film. It just isn't the type of film that I'd typically see at a theater. But if you want to know about the story of British explorer Percy Fawcett and his journey into the Amazon (and see Robert Pattinson in a way you've never seen him before), then this is the movie for you. Rating: ♥


Sleight -- opened April 28: One of the coolest movies you'll see all year is definitely going to be Sleight. I actually don't even really have a love/hate emotion with this movie. I pretty much love everything about it, except maybe the fact that not enough people have seen it. It takes a story that you've probably seen before -- inner city black teen has to take care of his sibling and gets caught up in the drug/gang life. But then it takes that story and completely turns it on its head by adding a cool element that isn't typically seen in a movie of that scope: the teen is a magician. And the way they blend magic and science is so unique, realistic and simply fun. Go rent it! Rating: ♥

Comic Book Action

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 -- opened May 5: I'm pretty sure you've seen all the reviews and already know how well Guardians of the Galaxy 2 has done at the box office. And I won't lie, it deserves pretty much all of the love that it's getting. It's super funny, the music is nice and, of course, it has baby Groot. How can you not love baby Groot? But if you seriously sit down and compare Guardians 1 with Guardians 2, it's a no-brainer. The first movie is head and shoulders above its sequel. It's weird how much the second movie has made me like the first movie even more (I actually gave the second movie the same rating, but I would actually change my rating on the first movie at this point). The soundtrack in the first movie is better and it also manages to be funny without coming across as trying too hard. Where I would give the first Guardians an A grade; I'd only give this one a B, which is still pretty good since most movies tend to just be average. Rating: ♥

Young Adult

Everything, Everything -- opened May 19: So here's something funny. I'm a fan of Amandla Stenberg (ever since she played Rue). I follow her on Facebook and saw her promoting this new movie that she's in called Everything, Everything. I watched the trailer and really wanted to see it. But I saw that it was originally a book, so I knew I had to get the book and start reading. I ended up also getting the Audible version of the book, so I basically could read it when at home and listen to it while at the gym. I was finally able to catch the movie at a matinee and I loved it. It's about a girl who has SCID and can't leave her house...until she starts to fall for the boy next door. They made a couple changes from the book that I actually liked. There were definitely a few parts in Nicola Yoon's novel that were just a bit too "young adult" for me, so I was grateful for the changes. And when did Nick Robinson get so cute? Rating: ♥

Get Out.........
The Girl with All the Gifts.........
Kong: Skull Island.........
Beauty and the Beast.........
Power Rangers.........
Ghost in the Shell.........


  1. I want to see the new guardian of the galaxy, the first one pleasantly surprised me. thanks for all the reqs.


    1. Guardians is definitely one of the best comic book franchise movies out there -- it's because it doesn't take itself so seriously, lol.

  2. I am really excited to see Everything, Everything. I loved her in the Hunger Games!
    xo Jessica

    1. Amandla Stenberg is amazing. Did you know she sings, too?

  3. I have heard of Everything, Everything but from the previews thought it would not be for me, but glad to hear that you liked it. Now I'll have to check out. We saw a Pre-screening of King Arthur, and I liked it overall! Thanks for the review! Always nice to know!

    1. It's a super sweet movie, but I'm biased because I read the book, too. Definitely fine to rent.

      For King Arthur, I'm happy to hear that you liked it. I think the media is making it sound like it's terrible when it's not. Planning to see it this weekend.

  4. Hi C! I did track & field for a guy ;)
    Oh and none of the above were on my radar.

    1. lol, that's what I was thinking. Why else would anyone choose to run, lol.

      Also, you might like Lost City of Z. :)

  5. Everything, Everything is on my list to watch soon. I will check it out. Thanks for the recommendations :)


  6. You are always my go-to with movies because I'm so bad at keeping up but there are so many good movies out there! I definitely want to see Lost City of Z because of Charlie Hunnam haha!

  7. I've been dying to see Lost City of Z and Everything, Everything, so it's great to know that they're well-done. Thanks, Cheryl:) And so sad to hear that King Arthur flopped....waaaaaaah!

  8. I've been wanting to read Everything, Everything and really want to now that it is a movie. Sounds like it is a good pick!

  9. Got to love Baby Groot, but I agree that Guardians 1 was much better!


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