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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

NYFW: Recap & Reactions

When it comes to New York Fashion Week, I don't usually post too much about it. But since I actually attended NYFW this September, I'm sharing a short recap of the shows I went to and some things I've learned.

Last September, I shared photos from some of my favorite shows that I watched online. Luckily, this year I was able to actually attend the Leanne Marshall show. And I gotta tell ya, it was amazing! It was by far my favorite show of the week. Her style is just so ethereal and feminine. Blew my mind!

Be Prepared

I had already read so much about fashion week, so going into it, I knew that I didn't want to overwhelm myself with RSVP'ing to too many shows. I also knew that I wanted to make sure I had time to eat and that I packed some comfortable shoes.

  • RSVP to everything you get invited to and then narrow down your schedule
  • Give yourself time to eat (even if it's just street vendor food)
  • Don't feel the need to wear high heels. Sneakers and chic flats go a long way
I wore this Behno jumpsuit for the Day One shows. You might remember it from here. Come back next week for full outfit posts of what I wore on my second day at NYFW.

Seating & Timing

When you RSVP, the shows will say to arrive 30 minutes early. But nine times out of 10, the shows will start about 30 minutes late. You can arrive early to make sure you don't have to wait in a long line. Also, if you get there too late, someone might take your seat. The show staff won't have time to make sure everyone is in the accurate seat so you'll just have to deal with it. Also, a lot of times, shows will invite more people than they can hold, so you might turn up to a show and not get in. I only went to the shows that I had an assigned seat for so I never had to worry.

Naughty and Nice

I'm just going to say it: fashion people can be unbearable and exhausting. Some people who attend fashion week have seriously lost touch with real life. They are catty, materialistic and insincere. They will make you feel like you don't belong if you didn't get invited to the big shows or if your fashion isn't street style worthy. It's sad, really. Those people have completely forgotten the point of the creativity and uniqueness of the fashion community. They've forgotten community in general.

But on the flip side, there are also people who are super nice and happy to be there. There are people who will talk to you simply because you're sitting next to them at the show and they want to share their excitement. You'll also meet fellow bloggers that you've only known online. NYFW is also a great place to build a bond with like-minded individuals. I definitely recommend attending with some gal pals. It's good to have some friends by your side. Your girl gang will keep all the negativity at bay.

The Shows

The shows I attended (or was invited to this year). The photos here are from the Leanne Marshall show:

  • September 8
    • Galtiscopio SS18
    • Vaishali SS18
    • Cindy Monteiro SS18
  • September 9
    • Runa Ray SS18
  • September 10
    • Dan Liu SS18
    • Leanne Marshall SS18
    • Jarel Zhang SS18
I'm so grateful that I was able to attend NYFW this September. Truly thankful to The Riviere Agency for my show invites. I've even considered attending again in February even though the weather is not the best. But I think it could still be fun. Let me know if you attended this year or if you plan on attending next year!

Hope you followed along with me on Instastories as that's where I posted everything from the shows as they happened. Keep up with me on Instagram to stay in the know!


  1. I hope to attend next September if I get enough invites, February might be too brutal for me weather wise lol, but we'll see. Love your recap.


    1. If you do come to NYFW in February, please reach out to our team to be considered for invites is the email and include the following info
      Instagram Handle:
      Affiliation to Industry: i.e. infleuncer

  2. Good for you C! How exciting, I'd be thrilled to meet the bloggers I follow mostly. I am glad you enjoyed it - I think its so childish to have the "you don't belong there" attitude. I want to think times takes care of those people.

  3. Sounds like you had a fabulous time at NYFW and your reactions are so on point. I have actually never wore heels to the shows. I always find them cumbersome since I'm always on the move and taking photos.

  4. Awesome recap, Cheryl! So many on point tips and I love how candid you are. There is definitely a negative side of the industry and you addressed it with grace. So happy we finally got to meet in person!

  5. Omg I was there too!!! I went to the Leanne Marshall show and Cindy Monteiro show! Hope you had a lovely time! Great tips

  6. I LOVE this post! So true so true especially the tip about heels. There is way to much walking and your feet will be in so much pain!

    xoxo Christie

  7. You already know my views about NYFW but I agree with you, attending it with a few gal pals could be fun. Then it is more like an activity vs the catty NYFW people. You look cute in that jumpsuit.


  8. Thanks for sharing your experience:) I'm pretty sure I'll never go to NYFW so I like living vicariously through posts like yours:D
    PS You look fab in that jumpsuit:)

  9. It looks like you had a fun time at the shows. I've not attended to NYFW yet, but I used to always have to go to LFW for work, and enjoyed it a couple times with bloggers. I never wear heels to shows, except I did at my first fashion week! I agree, there's no reason to be catty.

  10. Looks like such a fun time! I've never been to NYC during fashion week, but it looks just awesome.

  11. I loved seeing all your Insta stories from NYFW- and you have such a grounded take on the atmosphere (and attitudes, lol), I DIG IT. :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  12. Ooh! I love that vibrantly coloured tulle used in the Leanne Marshal collection couture on the runway for the show you attended. That must have been interesting seeing the collections of designs in seven shows! Too bad about theunbearable catty fashion people, but yay for the nice peeps! I don't have plans for attending any shows at the moment but I love your suggestion of attending with gal-pals!

  13. I remember when we used to comment on each other's blogs a few years ago and then I stopped blogging and sort of left the industry - a lot of it due to the catty experiences you describe above (I was in publishing at the time). I still read your blog and a couple others every now and then, and then today, from China, where I live now, I popped on FarFetch and said wait - I know that girl! Enjoying your recommendations all the way from Asia now! So I'm reading up again and remembered how I love your honesty! Love the way everything is looking and I'm glad to see your face on the internets again! Keep it up <3

    Hannah (used to be Heroine Chic Girl) :)

    1. Hannah! Thanks so much for this beautiful comment. I actually shared it on my Instagram story because it was so sweet. I really appreciate what you said here. There are so many catty people in this industry, which I find so weird. But it's always nice when you meet people who are genuine (like yourself). So happy to hear that you still read my blog and that you saw me on the Farfetch site!

      Lots of love, hun!

  14. Thanks for sharing your stories about NYFW dear. Somehow, your posts really makes me want to see NYFW next year.

    Jessica |

    1. I saw your posts on IG -- you were at NYFW this year! :)

  15. Thanks for coming and supporting our designers xo- The Riviere Agency Team

  16. Your honesty about some of the goings-on was refreshing and necessary. As bloggers, we need to cheer each other on not the opposite. As much as I love fashion and worked in the industry for some time, I stay away for the same reasons. That said, your post has inspired me to consider the February shows. After all, I live in NY. :)

  17. This interesting and informative...thanks for sharing your experience.


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