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Monday, July 9, 2018

It's Spritz: Venice, Rome & the Amalfi Coast

About a month ago, we embarked on a month-long trip and a hiatus from blogging and work. We started in Atlanta to see some friends, family and to attend a wedding. Then on June 11, we flew from Georgia to Italy. I should preface this by saying that we almost missed our flight, but ended up getting on the plane right at the cutoff. About a million hours later, we landed in Venice. On this trip, we took various forms of transportation -- trains, planes, automobiles, ferries.
But while in Venice, we actually never took a gondola ride. Yes, gondola rides are pretty, but just not our thing. We spent a lot of time walking around the narrow alleys of the city and crossing the bridges. We walked to the very first ever ghetto -- the Jewish ghetto in Venice. Even though pretty much every part of Venice is picturesque, there really isn't that much to do there. Our two days spent were relaxing and just enough.

I should mention that a little incident occurred on that bridge in the photo above. An Asian man started taking a photo of me. I kept moving and he just kept taking my photo. I had to ask him to stop, which he didn't until the hubs told him to stop. This isn't the first time something like that has happened during my travels. And it wasn't the last time it happened on this particular trip. I'm basically like a unicorn to certain people. They've never seen one of me in real life.

We left Venice and took a train to Rome. Train stations are weird and confusing, but they still offer such a unique and wonderful form of transportation.

When in Rome, we stayed very close to the Colosseum. It's wonderful to be in such a walkable city. It's amazing when something as massive, historical and well known serves as a city's backdrop that it eventually just becomes a part of daily life. If you live in Rome I guess it's just another (beautiful) building. And have you ever seen it from the inside? Just as cool.

"I'm basically like a unicorn to certain people."

We did a tour of the Colosseum and the Roman Forum. It was nice having a tour of the forum because -- at this point -- so much of it has been dismantled, so it can be difficult to truly get a sense of the place and what it used to be. But our tour guide was very good at making us see it for what it was. The remains of the forum can be seen in the photo below. 
One of the best things about this trip was that we were able to meet up with a lot of people in various countries. One of the hubs' coworkers was also on sabbatical and was visiting Rome at the same time, so we met up with he and his wife for dinner and drinks a couple of times. And, of course, we couldn't go to Rome without seeing Vatican City. If you follow me on Instagram then you probably saw photos and videos of the entire Vatican. The Sistine Chapel was great, but honestly, the map room right before the Sistine Chapel was everything.
Because there's simply so much to do there, we spent a lot of our time in Italy. This allowed us to do a day trip to the Amalfi Coast. We took a boat ride to Positano. You've probably seen a bevy of Positano photos on the gram. What can I say, it's a beautiful place. But the best way to get around is by walking. And when I say walking, I mean all. the. steps. 
The houses on the mountainside are gorgeous, and all the people were quite friendly. We had a lovely lunch there with a great view of the water. I will say that I've never walked as much on any vacation than I did on this one. All the cities in the Mediterranean are full of walkable streets. I think we did 17,000 steps that day.  And some were actual steps.

So, about that lunch. Like I said, we had a really good view of Positano and there were only two other couples at the restaurant.

Our lunch staples were very typical of what we ate on the entire trip: octopus, pasta and fish. Pretty much every octopus I ate was delicious. When we weren't eating fresh fish, we were eating fresh mussels.

And you might not think this, but the food in Rome wasn't as great as you'd think. But if you ordered the right dish, then it would hit the spot.

In the photo below you can see the drinks that the waiter made for us at the Positano restaurant.

We ordered two cocktails, but he actually gave us the two plus two extra on the house.

"I think we did 17,000 steps that day. And some were actual steps."

On the right is an Aperol Spritz. Now, going into this trip, I had heard a lot about the Aperol Spritz cocktail. I knew I had to try it: it's a Mediterranean staple! But boy, I had no idea what I was in for. No one told me how bitter they are! So I ended up ordering a spritz at least three times in the hopes that I would eventually like it. That never happened.
Note: I was too tired to edit these photos. They are presented in their raw form.


  1. wow looks like so much fun. Lovely photos

  2. Oh, lucky you! What a dream vacation! I'm so sorry about the man taking your photo. It seems as if every vacation my husband and I take there is one person who tries to ruin for us. It's hard to put it behind you and enjoy the rest of your vacation when that happens.

  3. Welcome back. You were missed. Looks like you had a fabulous trip. Even the unedited pictures look BEAUTIFUL! p.s. I too would be annoyed if someone kept taking my picture. Different cultures, different sensibilities, I guess.


  4. Welcome back! I bet you had the most amazing month and this is totally one of my goals. To take a long vacation to travel :) These photos are amazing.


  5. Cheryl! Agree with the were missed:) Glad to see you're back, but we totes understand. So awesome to read about your vacay. LOLZ on the friend experienced the same thing the first time she went to Mexico and some people just wouldn't leave her alone. So crazy! And extra drinks is always a good thing:D

  6. This look amazing! I have always wanted to visit and hope to add it to my travel list one day soon! Your photos look so beautiful!

  7. Ah I love Italy!! Such a gorgeous country and these pics are making me want to go back!!!

  8. This looks like such a great trip! I love that outfit with the espadrille shoes too!!

  9. Beautiful pictures, it looks like you had a really good time.

  10. I can relate a bit to your unfortunate photography experience. My kids are half Chinese and they have been swarmed by tourists taking their photos when we travel. It can be so uncomfortable.

  11. So sorry to hear about hat man taking a photo of you. But overall your trip to Italy looked amazing! And good to know about Venice. We are planning our trip to Italy (not until next year), but we couldn't decide how long to stay in Venice!

  12. What a fabulous Italian adventure! How cool that you were able to meet up with people in various countries on this trip!

  13. Amazing post, dear! A big hello from Germany!
    Hugs ♥

  14. Sounds like such a great trip! You never know where your travels will take you, and taking a month to just relax and enjoy must have been blissful.

  15. Looks like an amazing time and quite a long trip away from it all. Welcome back my Dear.

  16. Love it! Can't wait to read your other travel posts too.

  17. Looks sooo amazing!! makes me want to book a spontaneous trip out asap!

    cute & little

  18. I love Italy I have been in some cities multiple time because Italy is very near where I'm living. I wish I would have opportunity to visit Rome too one day. When I was in Venice it didn't impress me at all, I don't know why..
    I can see you have had a great time :)

  19. I had no idea how bitter they were?! I think I've had one before but I don't remember it being bitter, so I probably never had one hahaha. Shame about the photo thing, I don't know how I would have reacted to that, and I commend you for keeping your composure, even though the offending party(ies) were probably anything but.


  20. Venice is amazing :)
    Bests. Vanessa

  21. Girl this looks like such a cute trip.. and you are STUNNING!

    x Lisa |

  22. I'm honestly glad you didn't edit the photos. I think it's amazing how spectacular everything looks even without enhancement! I so desperately want to visit all these places. I'm glad you got to go!

  23. Ahhhh - I love these pictures! Rome is one of my favourite cities ever. So steeped in history! I'm sorry about your experience with that Asian man. That particular culture seems to do that to me everywhere I go too. I mean, come on. Get a life. I was chased by a group of Japanese tourists in Australia because they thought I was Lil Kim. SIGH.

  24. Everything looks and sounds so amazing! I am loving your travel style too gal!

    xo Laura Leigh

  25. Your trip sounds (and looks) amaaaaazing! So glad you guys got to get away for a whole month- what a dream!

    Super unfortunate people feel like they can take your picture (especially so OBVIOUSLY) without your permission. Just not okay. Sigh.

    Le Stylo Rouge

  26. How lovely! It's always fun to meet up in other countries. My family does this quite a bit. Great images here, I'd love to go to the Amalfi Coast one day.
    I am finally back to the blog as well. Glad to hear you enjoyed your adventures. x/Madison

  27. I would love to travel to Venice! It's so awesome that you had time to break away from work and explore to just enjoy your family and traveling :)

    -xo, Azanique |

  28. Oh no - so sad you didn't develop your taste for the Aperol Spritz - they are one of my favourites!! But your trip looked incredible. Italy is just soooooo beautiful! :)
    Charlie |

  29. What an amazing vacation! You're really living the dream dear! This sure sounds a lot of fun, thanks for sharing your beautiful photos! Truly inspiring.

    Jessica |

  30. Welcome back! It sounds like such a wonderful time and I soo want to go to Positano but it doesn't look like I'd bring the kids anytime soon!
    Ahh I was also the subject of fascination for a few people in India! It's creepy when people just want to take your picture!

  31. Everything looks so beautiful! My fiance wants to go to Venice so bad.

  32. Welcome back hun :) Wow everything looks so beautiful, you are living my dream right now, would love to travel overseas :) xx

  33. Looks amazing! This is on my bucket List for sure.


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