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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Chillin' w/No Makeup On 5/26/10

Here are new accessories I just bought from Forever 21!
Where I keep some jewelry:

Pave Bow Ring: $5.

Antique Bracelet Set: $8

Crochet Beret: $5

So I thought I had a really good idea to let my husband wash my hair the other day...not sure what I was thinking.

I mean, at first he seemed to dread the idea. Did I say "let" my husband wash my hair, because I meant "force" my husband to wash my hair. I hate washing hair--love when other people do it. He obliged and soon found the task enjoyable, as did I.

After washing came a lot of combing. There were knots galore! So he says: "Next time, we use more conditioner...or we comb the shampoo through your hair as we go." And then I say something to the effect of: "There won't be a next time." :)

i don't blame him or anything, there just won't be a next time.

Coming from the realization that I just ruined my life, I decided to tackle this thing head on--pun intended. It was time to say goodbye to the wavy look and hello to the straight and narrow.

the horror!

after some time of straightening and moisturizing...

the result!

for the win!

oh, and as the title says, i'm not wearing any was all about the hair this day.

Any new accessories for you all? Or any hair disaster stories?

Please respond: Would you all be interested in a giveaway related to the website Rent the Runway?



Lili said...

I loved all.
The new acessories and the hair :)


Taj Acosta said...

Great accessories! xoxo

Jesa said...

What is it about F21? I always go in telling myself I'll but one accessory and then walk out with like 6! Heh, great picks!

You never disappoint!
Adore you, gorgeous :)


shatirah said...

wow.u always had a shopping.jealous.hehe:)
love your accessories,love your hair too! :)


fabfashionisto said...

that ring is to die for! and it is super cheap...I saw a guess ring in Macy's just like it for about $60+.

lipton|TEE said...

Love the bow ring and the hair. How would the rent the runway giveaway work???

ipehishere said...

that bow ring soo cute ! and only 5$ ! cool :D

The Red Angel said...

Ahhh, I love F21! And I think I've just fallen in love with all of the accessories you bought. Especially that dashing beret. :3

Aww, well your hair is gorgeous any way it looks. :) Haha your hubby didn't do that bad of a job, but that straightening and moisturizing definitely worked wonders. You're a lady of beauty, Miss Cheryl!

Oh, and thanks for the comments on my blog! I've never tried shrimp tempura sushi rolls before...I typically don't like sushi but I love tempura, so maybe the two mixed together is actually really yummy! I will try that sometime. xD

Have a good day! :)


Mimi-Louise-Love said...

forever 21 is delicious!! haha how cute would you let him wash it again?

Judith, said...

I like!

Fenny said...

cute ring :)
Forever 21 always having great stuffs. Anyway, I have blogger award for you.

Chloe, Butterfly Cupcakes said...

I love the bow ring.

Sara said...

Hey doll! Just saw your comment, thank you :] I am now following you and absolutely adore your blog! Your beautiful and I love your style. Loving that bow ring! ♥ keep in touch and best wishes*

Chic Therapy said...

i want the bow ring!!!oooh!!I want

Lisa Lisa Lisa said...

Great accessories! And that is such a cute container for them =)

Your hair looks really great. And, I must say, that you look fabulous without makeup! OH the jealousy!!! Seriously, you look simply fresh.

Hannahh x said...

The ring is adorable, you are so so pretty! :) xx

Isquisofrenia said...

hahha thats awesome i love when they touch my hair when i go to the salon or when they massage it, and i force my husband to do that too when im feeling sick, but anyways your ring is so adorable and that beret looks amazing on you!
you are gorgeous, your smile is amazing!

knk said...

beautiful accessories looks great

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Forever 21 really has the best accessories and the prices are unbelievably affordable. I love that! That bow ring is adorable. I might have to go purchase that one asap! ;)

You are SO PRETTY!!! Your hair is so silky and gorgeous. Lucky girl!

Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

How sweet to let one's husband wash one's hair;-)
If he's black he should know how it's done - LOL! Love your hair - are those extentions? The ring is so adorable - you have such nice hands and skin tone. That beret is gorgeous - picked one up last week. I so love wearing it. Happy weekend:-)

Imsu said...

Great stuff!

If you can, do enter my CSN $60 Gift Certificate giveaway!
Thank you!

Dusk said...

Oh you are gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!! Why bother with make-up???

Ahhh... have you seen 'Out of Africa'? There's a scene where Robert Redford washes Meryl Streep's hair by the river and it's rather... sensual... so the whole notion of having ones husband/lover wash ones hair is rather... romantic.

Your hair looks lovely and I'm going to now take a leaf out of your book and finally use the hair iron I have for a 'new' look tomorrow night! I'm all about the 'bedhead'! A change is good once in a while!
...have indulged in accessories over the last 2 weeks! We have this great accessories store called Diva, which is just Ali Baba's cave with the most fabulous sales! AUD$50 pieces come down to AUD$5!! barely a month after they came out! I also found some excellent stuff on etsy and at op-shops and at markets and now I must stop buying and typing!!

michelle_ said...

that ring is soooo gorgeous !
have a great weekend !

nookie said...

hahaha, you're so funny!
hair disaster?besides the chopping of my pretty hair no...
love all the accessories you bought!

Kristin said...

That beret looks adorable on you!

Syhem said...

I also buy lot of my jewelries from Forever 21. So cheap and still outstanding.

I remember when I let my boyfriend relax my hair. What a disaster. I couldn't even yell at him because I am the one who forced him to do it. Oh well, you live and you learn

Anonymous said...
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