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NOTW: Living in Lilac


The polish that I've been wearing on and off recently is called "Lilac" and I can honestly say that I'm loving it--and living in it.

The first color that I featured in my free set of ELF nail polishes was called "Innocent" and I gave it 3.5 out of 5 stars. You can see it here. I believe most of you really liked it.

As with the previous ELF polish Lilac is also a bit on the light side--must be a recurring theme. But it is a strong enough color to still stand out even when it's light and airy.

(And thanks for the wonderful comments on my Modeling Skirts post. That was Part 1 of 4 in the Model Pose series. Part 2 to come shortly)

With and without flash

2 full coats and a Sally Hansen shiny top coat.

I think 2 coats looks very nice with this color, but a 3rd coat wouldn't hurt.
Overall, I give this 4.5 out of 5 stars. I'll probably end up repeating it because I love it.

Oh, and I recently won a giveaway! Can you believe it? It was Keisha's fab sunglasses giveaway hosted by Sunglass Warehouse.

And I just got a new camera! yay! Now I can finally do a makeup/fotd post. The other camera (aka the camera from my phone) just wasn't cutting it.


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  1. I'm jealous! lol Love the nail color. i have OPI Done out in Deco, which is similar

    Love the shades, HOT! I also need a new camera. How are you liking yours so far?


  2. I love that color Cheryl!! I've been looking for the perfect lilac and I may have found it thanks to you!! xoxo

  3. cool i love that nail polish!

  4. love the glasses you look so pretty!

  5. Thank you for following me Cheryl :) Sorry for responding so late, but with exams and stuff :s Anyway, I'm gonna follow you back!

    PS: lovely nailcolor :)

  6. I love the nail color so pretty!

  7. You look gorgeous, love the nails! :) x

  8. Loving that lilac and congrats on the win! B)

  9. Cute nail color! It's so perfect for summer.

  10. That colour is gorgeous! You look AMAZING in those glasses!



  11. First visit to your blog. Loving the nail colour, its HOTT!


  12. that's awesome you got that camera. I have been eyeing it for a while but I have no money and no job so I'll have to wait a big longer lol. also love the polish :) great post

  13. oh i aside from the lilac nail polish which is find very posh :) i love your camera lens! :)

    nice blog. im following you now.

    see me at hahpiness.blogspot.com

  14. I so envy you! I'm saving up for a DSLR and I think it will take me several months before I can buy it.

    Haven't tried lilac on my nails yet. I've been wearing bright red nails for a couple of months now. Yikes!

    Lots of love,

  15. lovely post i like her glass nice one

  16. your nails look so lovely in lilac. i've always wanted a nail color like that. congratulations on winning the sunglasses too. you look gorgeous. i think winning them was meant to be. they suit you and you look fab. :D

    yup, i love all the compartments in my wallet. they can hold pretty much everything now. :D it was hard finding a place for some of my stuff when i still had my old wallet.

    enjoy your new sunglasses and have a happy friday. :D

  17. I'm so glad you did a NOTD with that polish, I've had it sitting in my shopping cart on ELF for like several weeks now. I'm glad I know what it looks like, it'll def. be staying in there. Love the sunglasses they are too cute. Congrats on getting a camera!! I want one so bad because the camera on my phone isn't making it for me anymore either lol

  18. Hey there I just nominated you with an " Stylish blogger award" check it out =)

  19. Congrats on the win, sweetie! I have that same camera, once you really start using it, you'll never go back. lol.

  20. i love that nail color, i have a similarshade by OPI!


  21. Beautiful sunglasses, congrats on winning them! And love the nail polish color :)

  22. Love that color on you!
    I've never tried ELF polishes before, but should considering they are such a great price.
    That doggy is soooo cute, you have such a pretty smile! =)

  23. Ooh I do like that color! =) Very nice.
    And you lucky girl, those sunglasses look fantastic on you!!! How fun!
    And your new camera?? Beautiful.

  24. Oooh, very pretty nail polish! I personally wouldn't wear that color, but it looks fab on you. :)

    Congrats on getting that
    giveaway...you are sooooo lucky, those glasses are super chic!

    OMG! Love your new camera...looks very professional and like it'd take some badass photos. Have fun with it! :D I want a
    Nikon D50, which I hope to get sometime in the future.

    And thank youuuu for the comment on my blog, sweetie! Hehe yeah, your honeymoon sounded like a once in a lifetime experience!

    Yeah, the SAT was a total killer.
    :( But I'm really glad that's all over now! Orientation was okay, I'll be updating on that. ;)

    Have a great weekend, Cheryl!



  25. beautiful smile
    love your polish

  26. love the sunnies, and your cutie dog...congrats on the new camera!!


  27. i'mm happy you like my new layout! only annoying thig is the commetns are at the top!

    Blending Style, Beauty and Fashion

  28. interesting post

    hey happy weekend

  29. I LOVE THIS COLORRR ^^ Aww. Lilacs are so cute on nails :) and the shades are nice too :) hihi

  30. Lovely color! I love that lilac.


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