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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Jewelry (over)Haul

So I've had a bit of a jewelry haul recently. OK, a tad more than just a bit. These are accessories that I've accumulated over the past couple of months--not all on one wild weekend shopping spree.

Owl Necklace - For Love 21
Blu Bijoux Layered Trio Necklace - Max & Chloe
Bow Necklace - For Love 21
Fabric Flower Beaded Necklace - One Stop Fashions

Gorgeous Necklace - For Love 21
Blu Bijoux Ribbons and Chains Bracelet - Max & Chloe
Rhinestone Angel Necklace - One Stop Fashions

Butterfly Adjustable Ring - Charlotte Russe
Trio Heart Connector Ring - For Love 21
Sparrow Ring - Charlotte Russe
Stars & Moon Ring - Max & Chloe
Double Heart Ring - Charlotte Russe
Cabochon Ring - Max & Chloe
Studs & Ribbon Bracelet - Gifted
Stretch Charm Bracelet - Charlotte Russe

And what I've learned on this jewelry haul? Apparently, I have really small fingers and size 5 rings are never available.

Bought any good accessories recently?

I bought some other items but I'm going to use them in an upcoming giveaway. I hope you lovely muses will be interested in a jewelry giveaway!



Mia Delessi said...

love the owl necklace

LilyLipstick said...

The owl necklace is so cute! x

Missy M said...

oh would love a giveaway!

Designer sunglasses giveaway!!

Fiona Designs said...

I love the Blu Bijoux Layered Trio Necklace! Thank you for visiting and following my blog - I am happy to be following yours now!


nookie said...

omg, you got some not kiddin'!
no accessories for me lately...

Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous jewels, darling!
Especially loving all the rings!


shineyglam said...

I love all those jewelries, give me! heheh =D
Kidding aside, i love this post, nice one. Keep it coming.


Pop Champagne said...

those are some cool jewelry you got, I like the flower necklace!

Alee said...

LOL it looks like you went to Forever XXI & went crazy :)

Amandita said...

Oh i love it all. U have great taste =)

The Jilted Lovers said...

aw theyre all so pretty!

Grace said...

Cool jewelry; I especially love that bow necklace. Forever 21 is a great place to shop for jewelry, isn't it? I got the coolest "Love" necklace there recently.

Dee O. said...

oo i love the chain link bracelet, very nice!

feel free to visit my blog:

libys11 said...

love the connector ring of course!! and the necklaces are pretty! :D

Animated Confessions

knk said...

cool giveaway
people like it

sweet said...

the owl will always be my favorite...I hate that I had to bargain my Eiffel Tower necklace from a Chanel ring and necklaces hahahaha!!!

but would really watch out for that giveaway!!!

I am excited

Koo said...

Omg, I love Owl jewellery! It's soo pretty :)

OneCraftyFox said...

I really like your pics, they are so much fun!!

PS I posted another Virtual World Tour this morning, look who I'm visiting in Florida ;)

Sher said...

Gosh, you do have an amazing collection of jewelry! Every piece is beautiful and whimsical, I adore your taste, hun:)


The Red Angel said...

Wow, such beautiful jewelry! Looks like you really enjoy silver. :)
I absolutely adore that twin owl necklace...seems to me like owl necklaces keep popping up everywhere! I also love that fabric flower chic and pretty! :D

I'm currently out of town now but will be back to post my last Summer China 2010 Scrapbook post on FASHION soon. :)


AvivaH said...

I love the own necklace. It would look beautiful in a photoshoot!

Kandes Naylor said...

Thanks for stopping by I really love the owl necklace in this post!

And I am following you now also. ;o) Lovely blog!

Naka said...

the owls and hearts r so cute ^^

Jamie said...

I am really a sucker for chunky cocktail rings! I love the ones you got! You are gonna have fun accessorizing for awhile!!

Marie said...

I can't blame you for buying and buying, these are too cute!:D
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Hi, there I love these necklace they are gorgeous!

have a nice day!

RoseBarbie said...

I love the owl necklace.. :)

Carrie said...

i'm in love with all of these. i love the owl necklace:D


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