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Makeup & Muses: No Makeup, No Muses


Makeup and Muses

wmag-70sAnother manic Monday...

Do you ever feel a bit lacking? I mean, I've been blogging for a little more than a year now and there are times when I need to step away to really dive back into things--if you know what I mean. But after I got back from my vacation, I felt like I was lacking inspiration for my blog, which is really weird as I had a surge of blogging inspiration last month.

Actually, while perusing fashion blogs lately I've found a few people who said they had recently lost their inspiration as well. Is something going around? I mean, my site is called Oh to Be a Muse, and a muse is someone who inspires. So if I don't have the inspiration then how can I pass it along?

For now, I have no makeup and I have no muse. But I am doubtful that will last long as I'm sure we, as fashion bloggers, have all felt this way at some time or another. Gah--so emo sounding, am I right?

Anyway, enough about me. The photos of Adriana Lima & Liz Taylor displayed here do actually inspire me, and I hope they do the same for you.

liz-taylorOh, and check out my guest post on attracting an audience to your blog!

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  1. très jolies photos, j'aime beaucoup

  2. adriana looks amazing as always!!

  3. Gorrrrrrgeousss pictures. <3

    I feel like I lack inspiration, at times. Most of the time, though, if I lack inspiration, I just start spewing random shit, and sooner or later, something worthwhile comes out.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  4. Sometimes I'm at a loss for inspiration too - then I just play around with Polyvore or something and then inspiration returns!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  5. I completely feel you! I sometimes have weeks where I am so uninspired followed by weeks where I have so many ideas and plans. It's ok to step away and focus on yourself. That always brings me a new surge of life! :)


  6. Love these shots!!! I think I am the phase right now, that you are talking about :)

    from © tanvii.com

  7. I know exactly where you're coming from. I'm sure everyone at some point feels this way, and that's ok because you should always make time for you.

    These photos are brilliant. :)


  8. Amazing girls! Adriana looks so beautiful, love her.



  9. Nice pictures!
    I'm following you, too :) you've got such a lovely blog! :)

  10. I feel the same way my dear...it is just not you...every body feels the same way...sometimes I'm lost with words and things to say...like recently I was very excited for the Fashion Week but when I was attending it and taking notes and everything...I felt that it was TOO much for me...and I have to assess myself again...I am no expert in Fashion because I am blogging for myself and for those who can relate with me...I tell my opinions to others but go along with other ideas as well...I don't judge or anything but really there are times that I feel so burn out and I keep asking myself where is my blog going??? Is everything worth it or not???

    EMO but I feel you...we are on the same paga :(


  11. Gorgeous post, darling!
    Love Adriana's hair!


  12. Adriana looks AMAZING! possible muses: Sessilee Lopez, purple lipsticks..? I know u will come up with some more great things for sure. Huge fan of this blog!

  13. I agree! I feel like I need some sort of muse or a different way of getting inspiration. I think its also that mix of winter going into Spring that is hard right now!

    xoxo Miss Neira

  14. when I go away from vacation I feel the lack of inspiration as well! most people dont' know how much work it takes to make a blog!

  15. is that elizabeth taylor in the last photo? she was simply georgeous. and a wonderful actress. what a loss!

  16. I know what you mean! I go through that phase now and then :/ This too shall pass :)


  17. yah i think we all go in inspiration phases. besides, if we were inspired all the time there would be nothing special about it!

  18. I'm with ya on the lack of blogger inspiration. I go through this every month. Mid month blogger crisis....haha. Liz Taylor is fabulous in that pictures. :)SarahD xx

  19. i lvoe the 2nd ot last photos :3 and thanks for the tips /links

  20. Hi sweetheart, I just posted on the same thing! For me it helps to take time away and seek inspiration, and that in combination with believing in my self helps me jump back in :) Your blog is wonderful.

    x Anika

  21. I hear you 'coz I've had that feeling too. It's why I've reduced the number of my posts. Hoping there'll be a turn around soon

  22. Don't worry, that happens to all of us. These photos certainly inspire me, though :) xoxo

  23. I too feel like something is going around! I feel quite uninspired and I was/am tempted to take a short bloggy vacation. WE will see :)

  24. I feel the same way sometimes. Some days I have no desire to blog and the main reason is because I have no idea what to blog about or no inspiration. It is ok though to have those days. Then think back and go back to blogging. ;)

    Lovely photos by the way! :)

  25. I think the change of seasons puts everyone in a funk. Before you know it you will be busy blogging again :)

  26. With Elizabeth Taylor's passing, there's been such a resurgence of photos of her when she was young...I don't think that I was really aware of what an incredible beauty she was. And she had such amazing presence too.

    I find her really inspiring too!!

    xo, Ashley

  27. We all have those moments - take a break if you need it! These black and whites are definitely inspirational!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  28. Hello darling! Thank you for the lovely comment you posted on my blog! :)

    I have to say, that this past month has definitely been quite a struggle for me when it comes to finding inspiration. However with work, college, music and blogging, I have to say that I'm personally not surprised with the lagging-ness of my blog recently...
    Stay in touch lovely!!
    xx Sarah Ashley

  29. Thank u ;-)

    I follow back!


  30. I bet you look great with denim shorts!:) have a great week!

  31. Adriana looks OMG <3 and aww thanks for that adorable comment on my blog! it was SO GOOD to see you there =) i know i've been away too! but now I'm backk B-)
    your blog is evergreen as always,
    see you with your next update love <3

  32. Don't worry darling,we might sometimes feel that we lack inspiration but it will come back!Oh and nice photos!

  33. great photos
    and take some time to have your own time
    truly focusing on your wants
    if you don't have any inspirations
    then just sit and relax take a look around at the world you see and you'll soon be fulfilled by great ideas for your work, hobby, what to eat simple to greater things anything :) have a great week!

  34. I so love that photograph of Adriana - she is exquisite! :)

  35. I definitely feel ya. There are times where I have NO inspiration or even motivation to blog. I just need to lose myself in the real world for a while. When that happens, I use guest posts. Haha! ;)

    Love these photos of Adriana and Liz. Two gorgeous inspirational woman! xoxo

  36. OMG I completely agree with you on this post. One month I'm over flowing with inspiration and the next month I'm pondering forever. I think it's important to step away, get your mind off things totally off subject and then come back with a fresh start. Great post and thanks for commenting and following Chic Urban Allures!xoxo

    Please continue to stop by

  37. Love the Elizabeth Taylor photo - so stunning!

    It must be the cold weather that we're losing inspiration! haha.

  38. So strange - I've been feeling a bit uninspired lately, too. There must be something in the water. Oh, well. Inspiration comes in waves, I guess.

  39. Oh gosh, I feel like you're speaking to me in this post. I came about THIS close to deleting my blog due to lac of inspiration and complee and utter boredom, but something said keep it.

  40. Sorry about all the misspellings, my keyboard has been acting up or I'm just lazy. One of the two.

  41. I think everyone goes through that phase...sometimes we just need a break and i'm sure those inspiration will start pouring in :)

    eclectic du jour

  42. I think every blogger goes through the same thing hun... having a break is the best thing :)

  43. Definitely everyone feels the same way at one point or another....it's good to just step away for awhile sometimes:)

  44. thanks so much ! I'll follow your blog .

    ciao ave

  45. I completely get it. There is always so much going around and inspiration sometimes is a stretch. I simply go for a walk or wander around NYC with my camera to get inspiration for my blog and other pieces I am working on. Sometimes it's as easy as looking out of the window and other times it's as difficult as taking a tour around the block and listening to music and watching a movie to get inspired.


  46. i hear you on the inspiration droughts some days...-fantastic photos!!!


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