Perusing Refinery 29 the other day and I stumbled upon this marble nail DIY. So, I decided to try it out myself and give you lovely muses a tutorial in the process.
(I haven't done a nails of the day since I learned how to use crackle polish).

What You'll Need

~white nail polish ~ scotch tape ~ a disposable cup ~ water ~ a plastic utensil ~ a combination of colorful polishes ~ scissors ~ napkin

1. Paint your nails in white as a base coat
2. Place a piece of tape just below your nail and then another piece just around your nail (this is so the skin around your nail is covered in tape, but not the nail itself)

3. Fill your disposable cup with room temperature water (the cup should be disposable because the polish will mess it up, and the water should be room temperature to allow for better separation)
4. Now take one of your colored polishes and start to add drops of polish into the water-filled cup. Continue this process with the other colored polishes (I used 3 different colors)

5. Use your plastic utensil (I had a spoon) and place the tip of it just on the surface of the polishes in the water. Use it to separate the colors and make a design.
6. Then dip your finger into the cup at the most concentrated area of colors

7. Use the utensil to scoop up the rest of the polish around your nail in the water--it'll come right up.
8. Take your finger out and remove the tape. If you taped correctly (which takes some getting used to) you should only have polish on your actual nail instead of all over your finger.
9. Repeat the process for all of your fingers

*I don't think my water was exactly room temperature because it didn't separate as nicely as I wanted it to. Also, I found the Sally Hansen (the pink) polish to work a lot better than the two Confetti polishes.

**Since my polishes weren't separating how I wanted them to, I ended up placing my fingers into the least concentrated area instead, which gave me a more defined look.

I hope you muses were able to follow this tutorial well enough to recreate your own marble nails.
What do you think?