One of the things on my 26 by 26 list is to complete more DIY projects. So far, so good. I did some stencil, pattern and paint work on my wall that you might have seen on my Twitter.

Then I decided to finally get my hands on some wedges! I've had these for about a year and I totally like them, I just don't wear them often enough. And I've been seeing a lot of DIY studded wedges online that have inspired me to get creative!
What You'll Need
♥ Need wedges, box cutter (or scissors), ribbon, rhinestones and glue gun with glue sticks

Let me tell you, I wasn't exactly sure what the hell I was doing at first. I just knew I wanted studs and ribbon. So this is what I did:
First Things First
♥ Line the bottom of the wedges with the silver glitter ribbon to get the proper length
♥ Cut it at the middle and start gluing
♥ It's better to put the glue on the ribbon section by section than putting the glue on the wedge
♥ The rhinestones happened to be adhesive so they stuck onto the wedges without any glue (which was awesome)
♥ So I started placing the rhinestones up the curve of the shoe
♥ Then I used the rhinestones that I took off my Heel Condoms and glued them up the back of the wedge

When In Doubt, Add More Glitz!
♥ Then I decided I wanted more ribbon so I started to line the wedge two more times on each side by gluing it small sections at a time
♥ Make sure you use the box cutter or scissors to cut the ribbon the correct length to fit the wedge
♥ It's tricky trying to keep the ribbon strips parallel so have patience. I have no patience as you can probably see, lol.
♥ Then I ran out of ribbon, but I'm not sure I would have continued up the wedge anyway.

Might end up redoing the back of the left wedge if I have time, but I am loving with the outcome.

What do you think?
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Edited by Taylor Davies

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