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Inspiring Style: TeenyB


Spring is rearing its head, isn't it? I see cherry blossoms blooming and the weather is becoming bearable again. Are you feeling spring where you live as well?

And although I had a blast layering, I think it might be time to leave the winter blues behind and get ready for the spring blooms. Spring break and summer sun inspires bathing suit season, so let's take a look at some great bikini styles by TeenyB. This site specializes in Brazilian cuts, but there are many styles for added variety.

My favorite collection is the B.Couture because it's for the girl who wants to make a major fashion statement with jewel tones and contrasting colors.You can also shop by style instead of by collection depending on the type of bathing suit you prefer. Once you click on the line in the collection that you like--for example, Trendsetter, then you can choose the style of bikini that suits you best.I really like the Sweetheart top with the full pucker back. The sweetheart straps are wide and set back for good support and coverage. A lot of the bikinis let you choose a variety of styles. This option allows you to really customize your beach wear, and what's better than that?

Another cool bottom is the shirred skirt. In case you couldn't tell, I like a good, full coverage swimsuit.So are you ready to say bye-bye to the colder temperatures and covered up clothing and hello to warmer climates, sundresses and less fabric, more looks?

What's your favorite bathing suit style?

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  1. great bathing suits! lovely designs and i love the colors. :)

    cheryl, enjoy your day!


  2. I usually don't wear a two-piece (I don't have the body for it LOL). Great bikini's, they are all bright and fun! :)

  3. These are so beautiful. I would wear any of them. I wish I still had the body for a bikini. I would definitely be more excited about summer arriving. Sigh.

  4. I like the one you like really, it has a great shape!! I wish it was time for wearing these here, but I'd freeze to death just now, the wind is like ice! But, soon :)) Have a great day doll! xx

  5. oh, have to say I am an vintage/retro kind of girl! adore the styles of Taylor & Monroe! ;)

  6. Way cute! I love shirred skirt bottoms b/c they're so girlie, but that brazilian pucker looks pretty sweet for a little exotic vacay suit. 2 yrs ago I got the most amazing tops in Costa Rica at a surf shop -- they're triangles string tops w/ over the shoulder criss-cross back that then re-loops through the base of the triangle & into a straight line tie across the back. These babies can't be budged by any wave & the construction works wonders for the "girls".
    xx- Annalise

  7. I can't wait for summer! It's definitely feeling like spring here. I wore a skirt with bare legs today so I know it's not that far behind. :)

    Love this collection! Time for bathing suit shopping! xoxo

  8. I'm liking the bright ones-also, Anthro has some cute ones!

  9. oooh I am so loving these bikinis!!! Summer time is coming! Can't wait!!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  10. Oh lovely! Such stylish and super sexy pieces. The white one stands out to me most.

  11. I love the pucker bottom! I was so happy I got a new bathing suit this year for 97 cents at Old Navy but it doesn't look near as nice as these!


  12. Love the shirred skirt! All these bikinis are so pretty xx

  13. I really love that one that you picked- the sweetheart top looks flattering:)

  14. The one you picked sounds really nice, though at this point I wouldn't wear a bikini myself!!

  15. i have been completely obsessed with bathing suits today. you completely read my mind!!!! i love that shirred skirt bottom, still super sexy, whilst covering up my giant badonkadonk.

  16. Lately I've developed an obsession with Bandeau bikinis - they are my absolute favorite swimsuit style! :)

  17. very informative post ...


  18. You know, I own four bikinis, and I never go to the pool. I don't go tanning. I wear them around my house when I get too hot.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  19. lovely collections! my favorite is the sweetheart one ;D <3 but im not into bikinis actually, especially here in my country D:


  20. choosing what suits us best is important, many people look just the prints and colors, but the biki shape is the important part.
    great post
    have a nice and stylish weekend darling
    The Dolls Factory

  21. HOT HOT HOT!!!! These bathing suits are amaaaaazeballs!!!

    p.s. your last comment about the Neutrogena face cleanser reminded me that I just ran out! Gotta stock up! :)


  22. Gorgeous selections, darling!
    I have a Teeny B bikini and I love it!


  23. :) I love TeenyB bikinis, as I was featuring the company before some time. They have great designs, sexy ones!
    Happy Friday hun!! kisses


  24. Such a great post, I really like it, these pics are so nice!
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