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Lookbook: Bridging the Gap


Get the title? I'm standing on a bridge and I'm wearing wide leg pants; therefore, I am bridging the gap. Wow--so clever.There's this wonderful trail with this awesome bridge over a creek behind where I live, and I can't believe I never thought to take photos for outfit posts here before. It's pretty cool, right? I did get interrupted by bikers a few times, but they were either staring at my dogs or wondering why the hell I was taking pictures on their trail.
♥ Wearing: Gifted patterned silk scarf (best way to wear a scarf, right?), studded top last seen on the Muse here, F21 wide leg woven pants(My new high fashion model pose -- "oh, I'm much too shy...must look away from the camera")
This is what I wore before I went to DSW. DSW was such a treat. I bought a pair of Guess wedges and Steve Madden booties for about $100 total. The Maddens had a "compare at" price of $190, were listed for $100, but were on clearance for $40. Gah, I love a good deal in the morning.♥Accessories: Filthy Magic crystal armor ring & studded collar bracelet
t+j Designs statement necklace (giveaway win from Kim from A Very Sweet Blog)Later we had a Jamaican dinner, which is the food of my homeland, so I was very, very happy with it.

Now, usually I'm in skinnies or leggings, so I'm pretty sure these wide leg pants are a first for me. But I like them. It's good to switch it up some times, right? Not color blocking, but still enjoying color.Do you think I pulled off this look?

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  1. looking amazing..love love the green flair pants and your accesiouries always amazing! happy weekend sweets! xo

  2. This is a gorgeous outfit, Cheryl. I love the colors. Those pants are flawless. This really is a perfect spot for outfit photos. These look straight out of a magazine!

  3. The perfect spot for photography and picnic.
    Adore all these happy colours on You.
    Have a sweet weekend;-)

  4. I love it..the green is marvelous and brings out your fabulous skin tone so wonderfully. I've never had any wide leg trousers (as you know I usually wear dresses & skirts) but, I recently bought some (these silk navy ones with white hearts all over them - I couldn't put them down as they were too cute) and I have to say, they were the most relaxing pair of trousers I've ever worn, am glad I bought them. Yours look relaxing too, I really like how they hang on you at the bottom, very flattering!! Marvelous pairings :) Have a great weekend! Xx

  5. Gorgeous pants! You look great! Great deals on the shoes too. Love shoes! :)

  6. I'm getting those pants, oh yes I am. They're GORGEOUS!

    P.s- Love the 3rd photo! And also, you look so preeedy. You did more than just 'pull off' the look, hun ♥

  7. Wow, those pants are so amazing! And I love how you styled them.

    Courtney ~ http://sartorialsidelines.com

  8. You more than pulled it off, darling ~ you rocked it!
    Love the pants and that amazing ring!


  9. These pants are stunning :D You look great!! I love accessories too ;)

  10. I love that new fashion model pose:) And those pants are rockin'! Love them!

  11. I want your pants. They are super wide and flowing and oh so perfect.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  12. I think you did a great job with this outfit! Those wide leg pants are to die for!!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  13. You always look SO cute! And your dog is adorable :)

  14. I love how you styled the whole outfit! The pants balance out the top and the pink bangle is the perfect punch!

    I live in San Mateo-Foster City to be exact. How about you?

  15. Love the colour of those pants and what a fun ring! You totally pulled it off!

  16. You did a fabulous job styling EVERYTHING Cheryl! How cool is that scarf! LOVE the pants style and color girl. AND YOU ROCKED that necklace. It looks so pretty on you. Enjoy it! Have a great weekend.

  17. Gah! Cheryl I am seriously dying over those pants - I want! You look beyond incredible! :)

  18. i have to say this is probably my fave outfit post of yours. the colors look gorgeous on you and the bridge (although honestly i did not get the bridging the gap situation until you spelled it out to me) is gorgeous.

    really really so pretty, cheryl.

  19. Darling this is one of my favorite looks!! Your pants are divine, I am so smitten with the color! And blouse is perfect addition!!!


  20. Thanks for the lovely comment dear. Your post is amazing and inspiring as always. nice cape <3


  21. Those wide leg pants are gorgeous and these are awesome photos! Cute dog too. :)

  22. Pah, of COURSE you pulled off this look, I think you look stunning! Those trousers are gorgeous and I love how you wore your scarf too. Can I see pics of your new shoes as well?!?! (I have shoe bargain envy!!)

    Sadie xx

  23. i am head over heels in love with your pants!!! the color is gorgeous! and of course, you pulled off this look, when do you ever not? :)

    <3, Mimi
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    Poshlocket Giveaway: Win a Shelly Fabric Choker

  24. I think you looked really good in these pants.

    xo Jo


  25. Nice! You have some really great shots. The whole outfit is bad! I love the pants and the shawl. Big up my Caribbean sister!

    Check out my blog, comment, and follow if you like!
    Confessions Of A City Girl

  26. those trousers are stunning!! :D



  27. Ah. Love the title! And I'm really into wide leg pants too. Love how you mixed the colours/accessories though.

  28. these colors r amazing on u! i love the first and second pix!
    u look great!!


  29. Hi darlin...I am in awe of your outfit, you look fantastic, besides for the beautiful colour on your trousers, the fit is so great on you. Love the complimentary colours on the scarf.

  30. Oh what a stunning colour those pants are. I love theses beautiful shots Cheryl! -xx Happy Monday love.

  31. What a great photo spot! Love, love your pants and the color. They look fab on you...well you always look chic!! Your dog is so adorable! xoxo

  32. Great photo and creative title idea. Great pants too. Cute dog.

  33. Oh I like the tucked in scarf! I'll have to find some way to try pulling that off myself...

    Great colors! They accent your skin beautifully.

    <3 Sequins

  34. How'd you get your scarf to look like that ? It's lovely !


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