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Lookbook: Not-So Clockwork Orange


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Also, please take a second to read this. I was interviewed!
If you read my newsletter, and I hope you do, then you might know that I plan on showcasing more outfit posts this month. I like to vary my blog a lot with inspiring style posts, makeup and muses, reviews, featured fashionistas, etc. Because of that, I don't have the space (nor the time) to do a lookbook post often, but for the month of March I will be giving you muses a bit more of me.So to start, this is what I wore over the weekend to do some house hunting. Now, I house hunt not necessarily because I'm trying to buy a house, but because I really enjoy looking at interiors. I get a lot of inspiration from seeing open houses that are staged--they always look so put together like a magazine ad or Martha Stewart promo. Plus, seeing the walk-in closets is just a girl's dream.

My new Oscar de la Renta sunnies that I got for a steal at TJ Maxx
Other accessories ~ Asos horned collar necklace & Asos disc crown headband
The orange lace dress is from F21, the shearling booties are Charlotte Russe, and the dot tights were a gift from the hubs from Tights Please. The black blazer is Rory Beca, and I initially had it on, but took it off after a bit because the weather was surprisingly beautiful over the weekend. I mean, it was 70 degrees in March!
Love these tights--it's all in the details, isn't it?
This photo of my shoes has got to be one of my favorites ever. I love the composition and the contrast against the dirt and rocks on the ground.How is the weather where you live?
What do you think of this look?

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  1. Very beautiful, love the bright colour :) And those booties are lush! You look fab. 'Liked you on FB, hope you get to your target! I could do with some more sunshine around here, but I know it will come! I got caught in a hale storm, it was painful, haha! But, then the sun came out, so I can't complain :) Have a sweet day! xx

  2. OMG. MAJOR LOVEEE. You look like a princess. Super love the shoes and the head band. That necklace is so pretttty.

    So adore your outfit posts :)

  3. I just love that dress on you! You look stunning.

    Courtney ~ http://sartorialsidelines.com

  4. I love your dress,your shoes,your necklace,your hair band...too much to love in a single post. In one word you look absolutely fantastic :D

  5. You look amazing! Absolutly adore the headband!

  6. Your shoesies are super adorable! I am so excited to see more outfit posts from you. You know I like yo' style.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  7. Fabulous dress, darling!
    I already like you on FB - you're almost to 900 so congrats in advance :)


  8. Congrats on the interview!! And on this gorgeous outfit! The dress and the headband are my fave pieces!!!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  9. You look gorgeous!! I am totally in love with this dress, and the little sparkles on your adorable tights!!

  10. I love your dress! That is also quite an interesting necklace!

    The weather here is beautiful was well. we haven't had much of a winter, it's only snowed 3 times and was over 70 degrees a few days! Today it is windy out, but without the wind, it would be a nice day :)

  11. Great interview and I already liked you on Facebook. So glad you're doing outfit posts Cheryl. You always know how to spice up any outfit. That orange dress is fab and I love your headpiece. Looks good!

  12. she is a MUSE... not a fashionista...get it right lol. cute look im loving the leggings. i also like the headpiece.
    congrats on your new gig!


  13. If you didn't already know how much I luv your style, I will tell you again! Such a pretty look, orange is a fantastic colour on you. Love the hairpiece and heels. Just gorgeous!

  14. I love the lace dress, you look great Cheryl! And my bf and I love doing a nice house hunt, it's definitely inspiring and also helps you to figure out what you don't want. haha! Congrats on the interview. -xo

  15. WOW, Cheryl! Every part of this outfit is rockin'! Don't know which I love more, the dress or the shoes...

  16. This is quite a funky look - the summery dress and wintery shoes wouldn't normally be my first choice but this works. And I love your necklace!!!
    I've never been house hunting except for when I actually needed a house - and had SUCH a shock at the state of some houses that I had no inspiration, ahah.
    Weather here in NZ is so-so. Some gorgeous sunshine, then rain or wind the next day!

    Sadie xx

  17. U look stunning as always honey,love all ur outfits.want everything u r wearing hehe<3

  18. Love the new sunnies! Your stockings are gorgeous too :)

  19. OMG i m obsessed with your head piece i want one so badly
    and i want your tights as well have been searching everywhere for both these pieces you look amazing

    fashion provocateur

  20. I am OBSESSED with that Dis Crown Headband - it is exquisite and makes you look like a princess! :)

  21. such a great dress. and i am so loving your headband!

  22. Passed on an award to you. Check it here- http://swarnalidreams.blogspot.in/2012/03/another-blog-award-and-am-tagged-again.html

  23. its on the right side , the little blue icon with the plus circle thing !

  24. loved your necklace your shoe your hair band... :) you are looking really beautiful !!


  25. February was a crazy month in terms of weather here in NC - there was snow, 80-degree sun, AND rainy thunderstorms! Now that it's March, though, I think it's safe to say spring is officially here! :) The weather is beautiful.

    I love your lookbook posts, Cheryl! This is such a fun outfit. Orange is not my favorite color but I don't think this shade can technically be considered orange...perhaps that's why it works so well with the stockings without coming off as Halloweeny. Super creative. :)

    ~Wendy Lu

    The Red Angel Blog

  26. Love the headgear! You look so cute! I'm all for more outfit posts. It was recently pointed out to me that I don't do that many either. So I'm aiming for that as well.

  27. Beautiful dress, such a gorgeous lace piece!! Looking forward to see more of your looks this month!;)
    Happy Friday!! kisses


  28. cheryl, you look AMAZING!!! i love skirts with booties.... and love that hair accessory. you have the most gorgeous lips!! :)

    btw, thanks for taking a peep at my guest blogger's blog. it was very sweet of you. :)

    have a great wknd!

  29. Love the look from head to toe but especially that headband!

  30. i love this outfit, cheryl! the color of the dress is gorgeous and i love your shoes! :)

    <3, Mimi

  31. Congrats on your interview girl! Sounds like a great organization to be working with with a lot of opportunities for you. Also love that headpiece you are wearing...so unique!

    Kini Style & Klury.com

  32. Seriously LOVING the dress!!! Very cute!

  33. Your dress is adorable! It looks so fab with your shoes.

  34. you are too cute!! lovely dress and im especially loving the necklace



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