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Lookbook: Comedy Shows, Winos & Pumped Up Kicks


What a full weekend. The hubs and I went to see Skyfall, and we liked it. Although, I'm pretty sure I liked it more than he did, even though I did think it dragged a bit. Javier Bardem makes for an ideal villain.

I also did some shopping and bought this entire outfit. My goal when I went shopping was to buy some colored or patterned trousers like I mentioned in my On My Mind post; but instead, I ended up with everything but trousers. And I didn't get anything from their Hello Kitty collection, if you're wondering. But don't you just hate when you see something you like on one of those mannequins but you can't find it anywhere in the store?♥ Bead show necklace ♥ F21 abstract print top ♥ F21 olive denim pants ♥ Vera Wang sneaker wedges ♥ Mesh chain link bracelet c/o InPink giveaway ♥
These sneaker wedges made all the walking I did on Saturday much easier. Glad I chose to wear them instead of heels, especially since it would rain on and off. They're a good alternative to boots.

The rest of the weekend was spent at this ski and board festival called Snowbomb where they were giving out free lift tickets and hotel stays at Tahoe. Oh, yea...and free wine tastings at the actual event. You might have seen my Instagram pic sipping on some awesome pink Sangria.

Then a bunch of us had some dinner and went to a free comedy show. Comedy shows make me a bit uneasy because I tend to feel really uncomfortable when comedians bomb. But there were some pretty funny comics there too, so it wasn't that bad.

How did you spend your weekend and what do you think of this look?

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  1. You look great, I like the fabric of the trousers, it's so pretty :) Glad you enjoyed the movie, I need to see it sometime. I hate that as well when I like something on the mannequin and then can't find it in the store, which happens a lot to me. Once, I asked the ladies in the shop where the stuff was and they told me it was all sold out, haha. I said 'why do you still have it on display then?' They didn't really give me an answer, crazy! But, it is annoying! Hope you have a great Monday :)

  2. I do hate that - not finding what the mannequin is wearing. Why are you advertising it if its not available! Those shoes look super comfy. Also love the trousers, lately I have been obsessed (after blazers) with good fitting pants and they looks like they fit you really well.

    ∞ © tanvii.com ∞

  3. Live comedy always makes me feel a little awkward as well...and I love the abstract top that you got, the print and contrast sleeves are so pretty.

    Courtney ~ http://sartorialsidelines.com

  4. Wow!! You look great!! I love your olive denims and the zip detailing on them. Those sneaker wedges are gorgeousness!!

  5. That sounds like a great and cray cray busy weekend, Cheryl! Isn't it amazing how fast it goes?! Anyhoo, love love this outfit, esp. the shoes:)

  6. wow what a fun weekend and you look lovely!I really like the pants too :)

    I went to see Lewis Black Friday and it was cool because I had never been to a real comedy show. I have had to sit through so many awkward bad ones before, lol, so it was refreshing :)

  7. U look amazing as usual hun,love it&ur weekend sounds awesome. I did nothing special really, cook,watch movies,asos online shopping&cuddles w e better half.

  8. that sounds like a fabulous weekend! and your outfit is the perfect mix of comfy and chic! i love those pants on you!

  9. This might sound weird but your weekend was eerily similar to mine!

  10. you look lovely, great pants and wedge

  11. very cute look cheryl! i love the zippers on your pants and the color. the f21 hello kitty collection was really cool. i like chococat. haha glad you guys had a great time. glad you enjoyed the movie. i don't like stand up comedians that go off on the crowd. hahaha that's why i sit farrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr away. it's a hard business!

  12. Very rock and roll. You pull-off the heeled sneaks nicely! I hate when I have an idea of what I want to buy and don't get it, or like you said, see something on the mannequin and not find it. Well, it IS F21. They are scatter brained with their layout. Anyways, speaking of comedians bombing, we were at one and he was trying to interact with us and made some un-funny comment about Hong Kong since my hubs said he was from there. I think we were all confused. Then he said my bro-in-law must have an Asian fetish because he was sitting with my sister, my hubs, and me...awkward...but the main act was funny :D

  13. Comedy shows to me are dependent on someone next to me getting a case of the giggles. I can't really get into it without some contagious laughter.

  14. Love your shoes! Super cute doll!

  15. So into wedge sneakers that I'm ready to get a second pair!

  16. Cute look!! Loving your wedge sneakers

    With Love,

  17. those pants are so hot!!


  18. I love the shoes, and the green trousers are so edgy and fun! Sounds like a busy bee type of w/e. I liked Skyfall, it was enjoyable. :)

  19. Yeah, I really don't get why you would display clothing that is...OUT OF STOCK!! lol I worked at Aeropostale when I was younger, and I always used to panic if our manikins weren't current. :))

    Cute getup, doll! Love the shirt!! :)

  20. Love your sneakers Cheryl and your prety smile!:)
    Happy Tuesday!!

  21. You look great! Sounds like you had an eventful weekend. :)
    P.S that is some seriously green grass haha

  22. wow that top and necklace are gorgeous!

  23. Yes!! I hate it when I see something on a mannequin and cannot find it in the store. It's almost a pet peeve. You look adorable. Those pants fit you amazingly. xoxo

  24. You look so edgy and chic! I love those shoes. I'm going to see the new Bond movie on Thursday. I'm glad to hear it's good! Although yeah when I saw how long it is I nearly passed out. Wtf.

  25. you are totally rocking those sneaker wedges, cheryl! :D

    <3, Mimi
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  26. Hi dear, I see that you're still lucky enough to wear short sleeves, glad to see the weather is still good on your side! The wedge sneakers look utterly chic, and this is a great ay to style them up. Terrific and versatile shade on the pants. Sounds like such a fun weekend! How far did you have to go for the snow fest?

  27. cool outfit, I love the trousers! I'm so not a pants person. but i like the black detailing on them.
    I spent the weekend moving to another country so that was pretty crazy!

  28. OMG, those shoes are amazing!!

  29. Finally catching up on blog reading!! Girl, you look fab!! I need those shoes.

    Saguaros & Stilettos

  30. Looovvee your pants! Cute with the wedges!!

  31. oh my gosh your so adorable. I just love your hair here! And those shoes!


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