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FBFF: 2012 In Review


Adventure: 2012 had a ton of adventure for me, including zip lining in Las Vegas and through the Redwoods ~ riding an ATV bomber as part of Kipu Ranch tours in Kaua'i ~ going on a helicopter tour over mountains, canyons, waterfalls and the Napali Coast in Hawai'i ~ an authentic island laua ~ tubing and sledding in Tahoe (who knew a plastic board over snow could be so much fun?).Travel: Who doesn't love to visit cool places? I was fortunate enough to go to Florida twice, New York for Lucky Fabb, Tahoe, Reno, Santa Cruz, Napa, Los Angeles and Hawai'i. Features: I was featured on more than 10 fashion blogs and seen on other fashionable websites like Glamour, Lucky, Copious, In Pink, Fashion Bomb Daily, Chictopia and MTV.Also, I turned 26 last year. And for some reason I feel like once you hit 27 you are a certified adult. I don't know why, but 27 just sounds so much more adult-like than any age before it. For me, 27 still means that I get carded. Recently, I had this conversation with a flight attendant:

"Wow, I thought you were a child until I saw your wedding ring."
"How old do you think I look?"
"No, I don't want to say...you just look young."
"Seriously, it's OK. Do I look like I'm in high school?"
"Like 17?"
"Lol, yeah around that age."
"I get it all the time."

It's nice (some times) to look an entire 10 years younger. Maybe I'll get carded for the next 4 years.
I hope you all had a fun 2012 too!

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  1. Gorgeous pictures...lots of adventures :))) It's good to be able to look back and see all the fun you had. I hope the new year brings even more of these times for you :) Haha...I still get asked for my age at times, it can be funny. I just hope when I'm really older, this still happens...then I'll think it's the coolest ;) Have a great weekend doll!

  2. You had a stellar year for sure, Cheryl! Congrats. So amazing the stuff that you were able to do, which just makes me think what the heck have I been doing? :P And only you can go tubing and still look chic:)

  3. It looks like it was a great year! You are still young and should definitely revel in looking young (getting carded after 30 can be kinda nice!)

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  4. i loved reading your recap! what a fun year.

  5. Love these photos, it looks like you have had quite a venture in 2012. Here's to wishing you an even brighter 2013 dear! Haha, the age thing makes me laugh! xo Happy weekend Cheryl!

  6. Such a fun post, darling!
    Happy 2013!


  7. wow!!! amazing pictures, sure you had loads of fun.
    honestly must confess you look 18, well its a good thing!!!

  8. I love our dogs in the snow. I might even consider the absurdly long drive again to take more pics

  9. Wow, it's great to look younger, right ? And you really look younger! xoxo



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  11. Great recap, Cheryl ! It's also nice you look a lot younger than your age (as if you needed it, you ARE young !) :) You had a great 2012 and I wish you an even better 2013, full with everything you wish, happiness and success ! Kisses

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  12. You've had a great year blogging Cheryl and I am always looking forward to reading your posts!

  13. Sounds like a fabulous year. Wish an even better one ahead (:

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  14. you take good care of yourself cheryl! that's wonderful! you're a daredevil. you did some awesome things and visited some cool places all while looking stylish! here's to 2013!

  15. you look so hot in pink cheryl...i wish i had your body.....i wish many more successful years to you in future

  16. congratulations on all the features, cheryl! that's really amazing! :D

    <3, Mimi

  17. Hi Cheryl. wow You've had such a wonderful eventful year with great adventure! Beautiful images and wonderful memories!

  18. Oh Cheryl I absolutely adore this 2012 recap. Awesome clothes, amazing adventures, and, of course, getting carded. Who doesn't want to get carded?! :P

  19. Look like you had a fun year.=)

  20. One great year is behind you and I'm wishing you even better 2013!!<3

  21. Oh, that sounds like an adventurous and fun year! Happy New Year, can't wait to see more on Oh To Be A Muse! :D

    <3, Sonshu, www.thesonshu.com

  22. Your year sounds fabulous! what a lot of wonderful memories, and what a wonderful age to be. I hope you have another wonderful, memorable and Happy New Year :)

  23. Haha! I want to be carded forever. Is that too much to ask? Loved all your outfits!

  24. Your life is so much more exciting than mine! lol

    I get mistaken for a high schooler all the time too.

  25. I want my next year to be like your last year. :)

  26. It sounds like you've had an amazing year. It really is nice to be told you look younger than you are. Now that I am nearing 29, when people tell me I look younger, it makes me that much happier :)


  27. I am the same! I always get mistaken for a teenager even though I am 23 and now that I am married it is very surprising for lots of people. I don't know what it is about me that makes people think that. I always see it as a good thing! Love all your photos from the year and I am looking forward to seeing more of your blog this year.

  28. yes, looking 10 yrs younger is a great thing!! the photos look like such a great adventure!


  29. Wow, looks like it was a great year - loving all the travel pics!

  30. Wow, a child?? Embrace it!!! Look young forever :). Happy 2013! Sounds like you had a great year.


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