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Inspiring Style: Emerald City with Misses Dressy


Let's talk about the Pantone color of the year: emerald. I'm sure you've heard that this is said to be the "it" color of 2013, so why not showcase some beautiful dresses that are coated in this color tone.

A great place to find a broad selection of dresses for any occasion is Misses Dressy. They have a variety of styles to choose from, including prom dresses online and cocktail dress as well. 

If you're looking for great designer dresses and an easy online shopping experience, then Misses Dressy has exactly what you need. You can categorize the exact dress that you're searching for by designer, size, style, cut or color. They provide you with different views and angles so you can really see what each dress selection could look like when tried on.

Short and Sweet in Emerald

Long Live Emerald
So whether you're going to a company dinner or a fashion meetup, dress yourself in one of these beautiful emerald selections by Misses Dressy!

This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own.

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  1. Love this colour, it's so pretty! And these dresses are gorgeous. Love the second one at the top and this last one at the bottom, perfect!! Have a great weekend :)

  2. i love that you did this post today. i'm actually in a friends wedding in may and emerald will be the color of my dress. i even am doing a post on my site today for people to vote to help me pick a dress

  3. Yay for Emerald! It's one of my favorite colors to wear but it's so hard to find. Hopefully this will be my year to stock up on emerald pieces!

  4. I'm definitely inspired by these emerald picks and need an emerald piece in my closet!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  5. omg!!! i love the short and sweet in emerald, ohhh.. they so sexy i want one, absolutely in lurv with this post.

  6. Love the long gowns....sooooo pretty. Green is not really my colour, but I enjoy it on others:)

  7. Hiya...from your comment...I just started to listen to Lana Del Rey, I seemed to have missed the big hype on her when she first came out...now that it's died down a bit, I seem to have picked up on her, which is typical for me. Not bad really :) I'm not surprised you haven't listened!

  8. Loving this! In need of some emerald pieces to stock in my closet!

  9. i never need to be this fancy ;) but great emerald choices!

  10. Stunning dresses! Love it!


  11. Loving e dresses,hav a gr8 wknd hun :D

  12. I love the short and sweet dress styles. This color is so beautiful, even more gorgeous in a stone for jewelry. I must say, those gowns have more appeal for me than the shorter dresses. I think this has inspired me to go out and buy a cocktail dress. I've been looking for new places to spice up my blah-wardrobe of Gap Hoodies.

    And to your movie question: I think I'd see Silver Linings Playbook in theaters. I think It will be worth watching. Robert DeNiro + Chris Tucker + Julia Siles all in one movie?! I like Jennifer Lawrence as an actress, so I think the movie will show strong performances.

  13. these are so beautiful! the color is so gorgeous! :D

    <3, Mimi

  14. I always fall for Jovani dresses - they are exquisite! :)

  15. Amazing dresses!
    Love the last two gowns!


  16. The color is everything! Dresses are pretty too. I've been seeing a lot of nice emerald pieces I'm going to be picking up soon.

  17. i always love the variety of dresses they have and sizes. nice post cheryl.

  18. Every time I think of emerald green, I think of Angelina Jolie. There was one time she wore a spectacular emerald dress that made my jaw drop, and then another time she wore a black dress with emerald jewelry. She rocked that shade for a while.

    These are gorgeous. Maybe if I'm lucky I'll come across an emerald dress this spring that makes me feel like a movie star. :)

  19. love the jovani gown!


  20. anything green is originally me, but sometimes tempted by pink!
    I am hoping to find an emerald nail polish soon!

  21. That is such a beautiful color. I really need to get myself an emerald green dress.

  22. Emerald colour has been calling my name once again! I just love that last gown, it's beautiful!

  23. Wow, some really interesting dresses here.


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