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Lookbook: If It Ain't Baroque, Fix it


The Grammy Awards make me feel old. I love music, really, I do. But I haven't really been able to keep up with all these Best New Artists and whatnot. Some of them I've only heard one song, and the rest of them I've never heard of at all. Maybe I should start listening to what the young kids are listening to and get out of my '90s funk...maybe. In related news, I'm going to see The Postal Service soon (maybe even Vampire Weekend and Phoenix). Now that's my kind of music.

But I must say, I did enjoy watching The Grammys because many of the performances (Bruno Mars, JT, etc.) were great and the red carpet (Kelly Rowland, etc.) stunned as well.| H&M baroque blazer | Amber sunglasses c/o ShopLately | Cutting Edge tee c/o Boy Meets Girl | F21 faux leather paneled leggings | Jeffrey Campbell solitaire platform pumps | Juicy Couture bag | Gifted DIY necklace |This cutting edge tee by Boy Meets Girl is so rocker chic. I've been a fan of theirs for years now and I'm so happy for Stacy Igel and the BMG fam. Stop by their show during NYFW. I'm also diggin' these cat eye inspired Amber sunnies from ShopLately and my new solitaire platform pumps as well. Who knew white patent leather was so haute?

What do you think of this look & did you like the Grammys?
By the way, this is what I bought from the Prabal Gurung for Target collaboration. I went to two different Target stores to get what I wanted. There weren't any lines and the second store had pretty much the entire collection. The prices were fantastic and I am really happy with my choices. I realized I liked different things once I tried them on.

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  1. Love the blazer, it's gorgeous. Marvellous pictures. I don't know many of the artists today, it seems Pop music has come back around to being what the young ones listen to & I heard it & it's not very good, but I'm sure they'd say the same for my music, haha. I like bands, so it's great to see them at the shows as they always have such expressive outfits :) I hope you do go to the concerts and have a great time :) x

  2. That brocade blazer is gorgeous!!! And that tee has such an interesting neckline. The shoes!! *sigh* They are to die for!! There is nothing about this look that I don't love :P
    The Prabal Gurung Collection for Target looks great...I love the pieces you bought especially the shoes. :)

  3. OMG! I love your outfit and title lol. Loving that jacket, top and heels!!!

    With Love,

  4. You got some great pieces from Target - I just love this collection. And your brocade blazer is just gorgeous as well.

    Courtney ~ http://sartorialsidelines,com

  5. You lucky lucky person. I am gonna borrow your picks since I cannot shop (kidding!) lol

    ∞ © tanvii.com ∞

  6. these shoes are AMAZING! i love them!!! i'm actually heading to the boy meets girl show on wednesday. can't wait :)

  7. Those JC shoes are super cute! I love the color. I own no white shoes. If i could walk in these, they would totally be in my closet!

  8. Great Target scores, Cheryl! And love the baroque jacket too.
    I watched the Grammys just when JT was performing, and I must say I loved that performance, along with the Bob Marley tribute. And yes! Kelly rocked that dress!

  9. You look stunning, darling and your shoes make me go awww...beautiful! Kisses

  10. Love the outfit, that blazer is lovely!


  11. That blazer is so stunning on you, I love it! I did get a chance to see JT and Bruno Mars' performance! Happy Monday! xo

  12. Your outfit is so rock and roll and perfect for a grammy-related post! I can't wait to see how you style those pieces from the Target collab! These pieces (and prices) seem more fun that the NM collab.

  13. I love your outfit!! That blazer is everything.


  14. hot hot!!! i love your heels.

  15. You look absolutely gorgeous! Love those shoes, and that top is so so cute. :) You look absolutely amazing! I am with you -- cannot keep up with all the new artists... etc. Enjoy your week, sweetie!


  16. Fabulous look and post title, darling!
    Love that blazer!


  17. Totally drooling over the shoes.


  18. Love your shoes & I hope to buy some Prabal Gurung x Target pieces myself this weekend! xo

  19. Lol, I completely agree with the Grammys, I have no idea who most of the new artists are! Your coat is so beautiful love the texture and style. The heels are pretty fantastic too!

  20. Your outfit looks wonderful. The H&M baroque blazer and paneled leggings, your hairstyle and sunnies all look great! I like the yellow top you got from the Prabal Gurung for Target collaboration. I agree about the music this year, but my favorite part of the Gramyms was Portia laughing while her wife, Ellen Degenerous stared at Katy Perry's cleavage (featured on the blog Dorothy Surrenders). That was funny!

  21. cute title!! I LOVE those shoes!


  22. Wow! You look amazing! Love those HEELS!!
    Visiting from Monday Mingle.

  23. Those shoes are killer---- love love love!

    And as for the Grammys--- preach!

  24. loving the jacket !!! and omg the shoes !!!!!!!!!!!!! DROOLING

  25. u r simply stunning darling,everyday u look fabulous!

  26. the blazer is so much fun, love the retro vintage look, and great way to spice up this awesome outfit!

  27. That shirt and blazer are TOO cute! Ok you are enabling me to go for it with the collection - it's too bad I won't be home for a while though ;(

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  28. So you can imagine how I feel huh Cheryl! HAHHAA I forgot to watch it. Just saw snippets of pics on Twitter. Girl, this outfit you're wearing is AWESOME! You look so amazing! Love that jacket, tee and pants. Rock it out girl!

  29. Such an amazing blazer, me love it!

  30. I love everything about this look. Great Prabal picks!

  31. the fashion at the grammys was underwhelming in my opinion... i loved JT's presentation though!

  32. lol love the name!! Super cute look... loving the shoes :)

    Yeah the Grammys were okay, I love The Lumineers because they're from my hometown!

  33. LOVE your shoes! I bought those PG for Target sandals too!


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